Release Note (May 25th 2019)

NEST Developer Program (Alpha)

NEST Developer Program targets to normal users who has basic UGC ability, and also professional workshops. Based on different proficiencies, the developer program provides different packages for users to choose (Plan A/B/C)

In this version, the users will be able to upload self-created model, and in next release (scheduled in next week) to manufacture and sale the production in game. In alpha version, we only provide “AlphaTest Package”. In the full version of the developer plan, all 3 packages will be available. The price and rights for different packages are subject to change based on user feedbacks.

The detailed rules are:

1. To Apply
User could go to “NEST Plan” -> “Developer”, to lock NEST to apply developer plan. The details are:

2. To Upload
After the developer plan is activated, the user could upload models at “Account” -> “Developer Program”.

The developer could download the sample files from developer program page, modify it upon your wish, export the specific format and upload. The detailed requirements are listed on the developer page.

The model must be audited after upload. If the audit passed, the model will be added to the game in next update.

Note: The uploaded model, including the ones in audition, will occupy the quota. Once the number of models reaches the quota limit, no more uploads will be allowed. The developer could delete existing models to release the quota.

3. To Manufacture and Sale
The developer could manufacture the product with models which are already in game. To manufacture, the developer need to build “UGC Factory”, and each manufacturing will cost materials and NASH.

There will be a fixed lead time to manufacture. After that the developer could collect the corresponding product from the factory. Note: if the developer delete the model in developer program, the model will not be able to manufacture upon deletion, but the products already produced will not be affected.

The developer could build “UGC Shop” to sell the UGC products.

The “UGC Factory” and “UGC Shop” is not included in current release. They will be in game together with the first batch of UGC models.


1. IOST/NASH pair is not available in RO Exchange
2. The names of all islands permit related are unified to “XX Permit (Y Period)” and “XX Permit (Y Period) Coupon”
3. “Events” Panel is added. Player could check the ongoing and future events.
4. NEST exchange stamp fee adjustment. From May 27th, 2019, the stamp fee of NEST exchange will be changed from fixed 100 NASH to 0.5% of the exchange amount in NASH (minimum 100NASH).
5. “Chong Ai Chain” airdrop

Labour Day Events

Note all events are on the mainland only.

1) Let’s Go Tour!

Event Time: 00:00 1st May – 24:00 4th May (UTC +8)

Details: The player will gain extra award for the first “tour” on tourist building everyday. The award will be a random one of the following:

1 NEOLAND Permit Coupon (Day)
2 eoslambdacom Permit Coupon (Day)
3 ONTLAND Permit Coupon (Day)
4 Experience Chip S x 1
5 Experience Chip S x 2
6 Experience Chip S x 3

P.S. The ONTLAND Permit Coupon (Day) will be limited to 300 per day. The quota will be refreshed at 00:00 UTC+8. All the coupons could be exchanged in supermarkets.
P.S. By using the Experience Chip, the player will gain Exp.
Experience Chip L: 100,000 Exp
Experience Chip M: 10,000 Exp
Experience Chip S: 2,500 Exp

2) Industry Contest

Event Time: 00:00 1st May – 24:00 14th May (UTC +8)

Details: From 1st May to 7th May, the total business value of 4 industries will be recorded at the time of 24:00. On 8th May, the industries will be ranked based on the total business value.
From 8th May to 14th May, the mining pool ratio of each industry will be adjusted to 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% based on the ranking.

3) Development Contest

Event Time: Event Time: 00:00 1st May – 24:00 7th May (UTC +8)

Details: During the event, the increment of continent development value for all five main continents will be recorded and ranked. Based on the rank, NASH award will be distributed to all the players based on the building cost of new business buildings (one player could get awards from multiple continents if applicable). The ranking award is as following.

Rank Award (NASH)
1 20,000,000
2 15,000,000
3 10,000,000
4 5,000,000
5 0

For example, if mainland no.1 took 20m award, and only player A, B, C built business buildings during events. Cost of A is 500000, B is 300000, C is 200000. Then A will get 10m, 6m for B, and 4m for C. The business buildings only include normal business buildings and premium business buildings. The cost of leveling up will not be counted.

4) Building Contest

Event Time: Event Time: 00:00 1st May – 24:00 7th May (UTC +8)

Details: The players will be ranked based on the total cost of new business buildings on each continent and awarded accordingly. One player could get awards from multiple continents if applicable.

Rank (Continent) Award
1 Experience Chip L x 10
2 Experience Chip L x 5
3 Experience Chip L x 3
4 Experience Chip L x 2
5 Experience Chip L x 1
6 Experience Chip M x 8
7 Experience Chip M x 6
8 Experience Chip M x 5
9 Experience Chip M x 3
10 Experience Chip M x 1

P.S. By using the Experience Chip, the player will gain Exp.
Experience Chip L: 100,000 Exp
Experience Chip M: 10,000 Exp
Experience Chip S: 2,500 Exp

5) Adjustment on Treasure Map

The Constellation Modules are removed from Treasure Map awards
The Dragon Balls are added into Treasure Map awards.
The Dragon Ball related feature will be updated later.

Release Note 28th Apr

Maintenance Time: 14:00-16:00 28th Apr
New Character Property “Level”
  1. The old “EXP Level” will rename to “Tax Payer Level”, “EXP” will rename to “Tax Payer Exp”
  2. New Skill “Financial Intelligence” added. With this skill, the player could get financial exp when doing daily sign up. The details are as following:
  3. New property “Level” is added, and the new “Exp” = “Tax Payer Exp” + “Financial Exp”.
  4. The leaderboards for “level” and “Tax Payer Level” are added.
Adjustment on NASH Award/Withdraw
There is a new quota when player doing award/withdraw. The quota is related to the player level, and calculated base on latest 24 hours. The quota / level mapping is as following:
When the award/withdraw mount is within the quota, the stamp fee is lowered to 0.5%. The player could award/withdraw with the amount exceeding the quota, with extra stamp fee (progressive rate). The mapping is as following:
Amount Stamp Fee
Part within quota 0.5%
Part within 100% ~ 120% of the quota 5%
Part within 120% ~ 150% of the quota 15%
Part within 150% ~ 200% of the quota 30%
Part above 200% of the quota 50%
NEST Ecological Committee
  1. Lock/Unlock of NEST
    1. Player could Lock NEST in game account into NEST Plan. The locked NEST could be used but not limited to following: Getting voting tickets in committee election, sign up for committee election, getting developer certificate in future version.
    2. The locked NEST could not be transferred to NEST exchange center. The player must unlock the NEST before transferring.
    3. There are three status for locked NEST: Idle, Elastic, Mandatory
      1. The NEST in all three status are applicable for getting voting ticket in election
      2. Idel: The Idel NEST could be unlocked or converted to another status
      3. Elastic: The Elastic NEST is related to developer certificate. It could be unlocked but doing so may cause downgrading of corresponding rights
      4. Mandatory: When the player sign up the election, he/she must convert corresponding amount of NEST to mandatory status. The NEST in this status could not be unlocked to converted to another status, until the termination of the term of office, or the player quitting from the position.
  2. Ecological Committee Election
    1. In each session of election, there are 7 stages.
      1. Preparatory Stage: This stage will start when there is vacancy in ecological committee. At this stage, players could sign up for election. Once there is one player sign up, Sign Up stage will start.
      2. Sign Up Stage: This stage will start after the first player signed up and it will last 3 days. All players who meet the requirement could sign up to become candidates. The sign up stage will automatically extend for 3 days if there are not enough candidate when it ends. If there are more candidates than the vacancy, Manifesto Stage (Member Election) will start. If candidate number is equal to the vacancy, Manifesto Stage (Member Election) will be skipped and Voting Stage (Member Election) will start.
      3. Manifesto Stage (Member Election): This stage will last 3 days. During this stage, the candidates could publish their own manifesto to get support from others. The none-candidates could lock NEST to increase the number of voting tickets available.
      4. Voting Stage (Member Election): This stage will start after Manifesto Stage (Member Election) ends and it will last 3 days. The none-candidates could vote for preferred multiple candidates. The number of available tickets depends on the amount of locked NEST. During the Voting Stage the player could also lock more NEST to get more tickets. The voted tickets could not be withdrawn. The unused tickets will be obsolete after this stage.
      5. Manifesto Stage (Chairman Election): This stage will start when Voting Stage (Member Election) ends and there is no chairman. This stage will last 3 days. At this stage, all the committee members become chairman candidate automatically, and could re-publish the manifesto. The none-candidates could lock NEST to increase the number of voting tickets available.
      6. Voting Stage (Chairman Election): This stage will start after Manifesto Stage (Chairman Election) ends and it will last 3 days. The none-candidates could vote for preferred candidate. Once a none-candidate vote for the preferred candidate, the preferred candidate could not be changed. The voted tickets could not be withdrawn.
      7. Duty Stage: This stage will start after all members and chairman are in position. The committee members will be performing their duties and get corresponding awards. When the current term of office ends, this stage will end and next round of election will start.
    2. To sign up the election, the player need to lock 1000 NEST as mandatory status. The NEST will be turn into idle status if the election fails or the duty ends.
    3. During all the stages of election, the players could unlock/lock NEST. In voting stages, the amount of available tickets = locked NEST * 10. The player could unlock NEST after voting, but he/she must lock more NEST than the highest history value to get more tickets.
    4. The ranking rules:
      1. The candidate with higher voting tickets ranks higher;
      2. The candidates with same voting tickets, the one getting more people voting to him/her ranks higher;
      3. The candidates with same voting tickets and voting people, the one reaching the current result earlier ranks higher;
      4. The candidates with 0 voting tickets, the one who signed up earlier ranks higher;
    5. The committee member (including normal members and chairman) will start performing duty after duty stage starts. The duty session is 180 days. If one members drops from duty, the Preparatory Stage will open, and the new member will have the same duty period with others in the current duty session.
  1. In Map panel, the parcels which bought back by the NEOLAND operation team will be labelled with special color.
  2. New decoration buildings in NEOLAND and EOSLAND
  3. Separated language option panel added when launching the game the first time.

ONTLAND Auction Guideline

  1. Only registered user could participate in the auction. You can register a new account from the following invitation address:
  2. ONT is the only supported currency in the auction.
  3. Players need to deposit ONT before participating the auction. The ONT deposit address is available from here.
  4. During auction, players can transfer ONT in and out of the account, though there will be a certain period of cooling down time. No transaction fee will be charged.
  5. At the end of auction, the balance will be transferred back to the game account.
Auction Time
Time Start: 12:00 pm, 24th Apr (GMT+8) ,2019.
Duration: 7 days
Time End: 12:00 pm, 1st May (GMT+8) ,2019.
The Parcels
There are 9 territories in ONTLAND. In each territory there are 30×30 parcels. All of the non-ordinary parcels (315 parcels in total) will be in action. The details are as following:
The Holy Place 1
CBD 15
ORO-Enhanced 9
Dock 59
Hi-Tech Material Enhanced 33
Timber Enhanced 66
Stone Enhanced 66
Steel Enhanced 66

The ordinary parcels will not be released during the auction. They will be open for sale when ONTLAND opens. The price will be 100ONT. When buying the ordinary parcel, the owner will get one Villa (house) and corresponding greening for free. And the owner could adjust the buildings by his/her own needs.

Parcel Attributes

The non-ordinary parcels has one and only one special attribute, as following:

Parcel Type Base Price (ONT) Description
The Holy Place 500 1. Owner could build special buildings with special functions
2. 30% add-on for fixed-income of business buildings
3. 20% add-on for ORO production
4. Owner will get special building “Teleportation Platform”
5. Owner will get special building “Monument”
CBD 200 1. Owner could build special buildings with special functions
2. 20% add-on for fixed-income of business buildings
Dock 60 1. Owner can build wharf and airport
2. 10% add-on for fixed-income of business buildings
RO-Enhanced 100 1. 10% add-on for ORO production
2. Owner will get free 2 ORO factories
Hi-Tech Enhanced 60 1. 10% add-on for hi-tech material production
2. Owner will get 2 free hi-tech factories
Timber Enhanced 20 30% add-on on timber production
Stone Enhanced 20  30% add-on on stone production
Steel Enhanced 20  30% add-on on steel production

On all types of parcels, the owner could build all types of material factories and business buildings.

Auction Rules
  1. The initial price of the each land is decided by the attribute. (The parcels which are not bid by anyone will be available for sale with price of 100 ONT)
  2. Bids must be multiples of 0.1 ONT and greater than the current bid.
  3. After bidding for one land, that amount of ONT will be frozen that players cannot use it to bid other lands.
  4. Players can withdraw the bid only when he’s not the highest bidder. No fees would be charged if withdraw.
  5. When the auction time runs out, the land automatically belongs to the bidder with highest price and will not be auctioned again.
  6.  The auction end time will be changed according to the bidding each time. Here are the details:
    a) for each bidding, the end time is the current time plus X.
    In earlier stage of the auction, X = 24.
    e.g., after someone bids for a certain land, if no one bids it with a higher price in the next coming 24 hours, then this auction ends.
    In the last 24 hours of the auction, X will be halved for each biding, the lowest time is 10 mins. 
    b) If the calculated auction end time is greater than the auction stop time (Jan. 3rd at 22:00 pm, GMT+8), then the auction ends according to the latter.
ORO Presale

ORO (ONTLAND Rare Ore) is a token based on Ontology token standards and represents the voting power of ONTLAND. ORO is also required for the construction of certain special buildings. ORO has a total supply of 10 millions. Each island of ONTLAND will have 1 million ORO and will be activated at the time the island is opened. 95% of the 1 million ORO will be produced by constructing ORO collection factories on the island and the remaining 5% will be held in custody by the operating Ontology node for the purpose of launching events or other on-going campaigns.
After the lord election, the last 10% will be put into ORO factory mining pool.

  1. There are 1000 ORO will be pre-sold before ONTLAND opens. There is no other production of ORO before opening.
  2. The presale only opens for players who holds no less than 10 NEST.
  3. ORO could only be bought with NASH. The price is 1 ORO = 50,000 NASH
  4. The presale will start at 12:00 pm 6th May (UTC +8). There will be announcement one day before.

One ONTLAND Pass (Permanent) will be given to the owner for each parcel auctioned. The owner could activate the pass to gain permanent FREE re-entry right of ONTLAND. The passes not activated could be sold in supermarkets.

The non-ordinary parcels which are not bid by anyone will be available for sale with price of 100 ONT after ONTLAND opens. The ordinary parcels could not be bid during auction. They are available for sale with 100 ONT after the opening.

The functions of special building “Monument” are as following:

  1. All the player could “BLESS” at the Monument, and gain the buff “BOOST”.
  2. With “BOOST” buff activated, the player could “boost” any business building. By doing this, both the player and the building could gain more business value from working.
  3. “BLESS” will cost ORO. The price will be set by the owner of Monument. 30% of the ORO cost will go to owner and 70% will be burnt.

Release Note 11th Apr

Maintenance Time: 14:00 – 16:00 11th Apr UTC +8

1. Adjustment on Wharf and Throughput Bidding

The Adjustment
1) The wharf is now open to all players
2) The throughput is now divided into private throughput and public throughput, and the total value is fixed. The owner of wharf could set the the private throughput. There is a upper limit of ratio private throughput. The ratio might be different in different area.
3) The wharf throughput will be fully recovered at 00:00, 08:00, 16:00 (UTC +8) every day. The unused part will not accumulate. If the owner changes the private throughput configuration, it will take effect at next recovery.
4) The private throughput will be consumed if there is any, when the owner uses the wharf, and it will not consume personal throughput. If there is no private throughput or other player is using the wharf, public throughput will be consumed, and also same amount of personal throughput.

Throughput Bidding
1) The personal throughput could only be gained by daily bidding. The unused part will be dropped on next day.
2) The player could lock/unlock right point on the bidding panel. At 00:00 UTC+8, all players who locked right points will get the corresponding throughput. The value is calculated as following:
result = right points the player locked / right points all players locked * today’s quota.
Each right point will get 100 throughputs maximum. The remaining part will be rounded to nearest unit of 100.
3) Today’s quota is calculated by the sum of public throughput (at 00:00 UTC +8) of all wharfs on the continent, and the throughput consumption rate yesterday. The lower the throughput consumption rate yesterday is, the higher the bidding quota is.
4) The throughput consumption rate is the consumption rate of all public and private throughput.

Other Details
1) After maintenance, the personal throughput will not be auto-recovered. If before the maintenance the throughput is under cooling down, it will be set to 0 after maintenance.
2) After maintenance, the private throughput will be set to 2000, and the total throughput of all wharfs will be fully recovered.
3) In the bidding processing on next day of maintenance, the throughput consumption rate yesterday is considered as 100%.

2. Adjustment on Voucher Use

1) “1 NEO Voucher” is added on NEOLAND.
2) When the player trying to use voucher, the max amount of vouchers is based on following:

NEO Voucher limit and Contribution

EOS Voucher and Contribution

3) The total amount of vouchers could not exceed to X% of the total price.
4) If there is a digital part in price, one more voucher will be used, but it will not exceed to limit of contribution value.

3. Bug fix

1) When a machine gun is selected, sometimes the operation menu of player will show up;
2) The error message when a player with free status trying to work in newbie town;
3) Certain part of translation tool in chat channel does not work

Release Note (4th Apr)

1. Event: Match on Island Contribution
1) The event period is from 14:00 4th Apr to 14:00 10th Apr (UTC+8). After the event, there is award based on the increment of contribution value on NEOLAND and EOSLAND (The base contribution will calculate all the buildings in warehouse) for the top 30 players.

Contribution Incremental Rank Award (NEOLAND)
Rank Award
1 Mysterious Motorcycle x 1 ,1NEO Voucher x 40
2 1NEO Voucher x 40
3 1NEO Voucher x 30
4-10 1NEO Voucher x 20
11-20 1NEO Voucher x 10
21-30 1NEO Voucher x 5
Contribution Incremental Rank Award (EOSLAND)
Rank Award
1 Mysterious Motorcycle x 1 ,1EOS Voucher x 40
2 1EOS Voucher x 40
3 1EOS Voucher x 30
4-10 1EOS Voucher x 20
11-20 1EOS Voucher x 10
21-30 1EOS Voucher x 5

2) The top 50 players who have the highest contribution value on NEOLAND and EOSLAND will get award (the contribution value is based on the value on 14:00 10th Apr UTC+8)

Contribution Rank Award (NEOLAND)
Rank Award
1-3 1NEO Voucher x 20
4-10 1NEO Voucher x 10
11-30 1NEO Voucher x 5
31-50 1NEO Voucher x 1
Contribution Rank Award (EOSLAND)
Rank Award
1-3 1EOS Voucher x 20
4-10 1EOS Voucher x 10
11-30 1EOS Voucher x 5
31-50 1EOS Voucher x 1

1) After the event, the award will be sent after audition.
2) The rules of voucher will be adjusted after the event.

2. Optimization on Avatar Animation

Release Note (1st Apr)

  1. The renovation of EOSLand Hi-Tech material factory will not consume EOS. The required material amount is as follows:

The consumed EOS for players who already did the renovation will be returned in mail.

2. The calculation error of EOSLand business building renovation cost is fixed. The corrected costs are listed as follows:

3. The land owner of EOSLand will get EOS coupon based on the number of lands.

The award will be sent in mail

4. EOS/NASH in RO exchange is open

5. NEOLAND/EOSLAND business building and RO factory could be put into warehouse now

6. Optimized the renovation text