GC And CA Withdraw Opens Now

Dear user:

NeoWorld has already opened GC And CA withdraw,Welcome to the NeoWorld official website user center to experience!

Kindly reminder:

Real-name certification is required before withdraw coin .

②The minimum withdrawal amount is 1GC and 1CA.

③The withdraw fee is 500 NASH.

Thank you for your continued support of NeoWorld and wish you a happy game.

NeoWorld Team
July 31, 2019

Participate in DragonLand Land Auction to win Permits, DT and Land discount coupon

Event Time

12:00 31th July–12:00 7th August (UTC +8)

Event 1:Permits for Bids

1.Players will be rewarded according to the total number of bids.

Bidding Times Award
3 DRAGONLAND Permit(Day)x1
15 DRAGONLAND Permit(Week)x1
30 DRAGONLAND Permit(Month)x1
  1. Each reward is available once. Players can get up to one DRAGONLAND Permit (Day), one DRAGONLAND Permit (Week) and one DRAGONLAND Permit (Month).
  2. Permits will be awarded within 7 working days after the event.

Event 2:Auction to Win DT

1.Players will get a chance of draw every time they bid. More bids means more chances of winning.

2.From July 31th to August 7th  , at 12:00 a.m. (UTC+8), one of the bidders will receive the “Daily Lucky Award” worth 10 DT. A total of 7 players will win the Award.

4.In order to ensure the fairness and openness of the event, the winners will be determined by HASH calculation of ETH block.

code for calculation:


5.The winner will be announced every afternoon. DT will be awarded within 7 working days after the Event.

Event 3:DT Coupon & DRAGONLAND Discount Coupon

1.During the event, players who successfully bid and fail to win any land will receive one“DRAGONLAND 10% Discount Parcel Coupon”and three“1 DT Coupon”.

2.Players who hold “DRAGONLAND 10% Discount Coupon”can purchase a land at 10% off(System purchase only).

3.Players who hold“1DT Coupon”can deduct 1DT when they purchase buildings in DRAGONLAND.

4.Awards will be awarded before the opening of DRAGONLAND.

NeoWorld Signed Collaboration Agreement with Southeast Asia Leading Blockchain Media Asia Blockchain Review

We are glad to announce that we have entered into a collaboration agreement with a leading Southeast Asia media and community building company in the blockchain industry, Asia Blockchain Review. We will work with Asia Blockchain Review for the promotion of NeoWorld and educate the market blockchain technology and applications in Vietnam and other Southeast Asia countries.

Asia Blockchain Review is the largest initiative for media and community building in Asia for blockchain technology. It aims to connect all blockchain enthusiasts on a regional scale and facilitate the technological foundation of blockchain through a range of group discussions, technical workshops, conferences, and consulting programs.

NeoWorld Team

DT Recharge guide

  1. Log in NeoWorld offical website,Click account to the user center;

  1. Click the Deposit;

  1. Choose the DT,Please don’t choose the Nash;

  1. Please select the address of the Dragon Network account authorization,If you choose the wrong, please log in again;

  1. Click to confirm DragonEx authorization,if you have not logged in DragonEx before,please log in DragonEx,then try it again;

(DragonEx website: https://www.dragonex-io.com)

  1. Choose the same address as before,then choose the quantity to recharge ;

  1. Fill in the transaction password and verification code,then click the ”Confirm” to complete recharge.

If you have any question ,please contact game customer service.

Customer WeChat: NeoWorld007.

DT Deposit is Available

DragonLand land auction will open on July 31, 2019 at 12:00 (UTC+8).

DT deposit is available now. Players can bind the DragonEx account at the User Security page to deposit DT. DT deposit to game will be applicable for DragonEx dividends.

In order to ensure the stability of the function, DT withdraw function will be available

after the DragonLand is opened. The specific date will be announced in the subsequent announcement.

DT/NASH exchange is available now. Please check in the RO Exchange in game.

Deposit DT to Gain Gift Packs and the Top 30 will Win“Alchemy Factory”

Event Time:

17:00 29th July – 12:00 7th August (UTC +8)

Event Rule:

1.Players can recharge 10DT to gain a Gift Pack.

Gift Pack
DragonLand Permit(Week) x1
Purple Bull Special Drink x3

 *Purple Bull Special Drink is not for sale. 2.At the end of the event, players’ DT deposits will be counted and top 30 will gain rewards.The minimum for ranking participants is 100 DT.

Rank Reward
1 Alchemy Factory x5、DragonEx Medal x1
2-3 Alchemy Factory x3、DragonEx Medal x1
4-10 Alchemy Factory x2、DragonEx Medal x1
11-20 Alchemy Factory x1、DragonEx Medal x1
21-30 Alchemy Factory x1

 3.All awards will be awarded after the DragonLand is opened.

Recharge Link:https://www.neoworld.io/account/billing_dt


1.What is Alchemy Factory?

Alchemy Factory is a special building on DragonLand. It cannot be purchased. It is currently only acquired through events.

Factory Comparison

Attribute Definition Alchemy Factory Normal Factory
Acquisition Condition Free during special events Purchase
Construction Condition  Owns at least one parcel on DragonLand,

Does not require right point

Owns at least one parcel on DragonLand,

Requires DRO right points

Renovation Rule No renovation needed Need to renovate every 10 days
Land Add-on Bonus Applicable Applicable
Daily Production Limit 100 normal materials(or 1 Hi-Tech material) 48 normal materials
Type of Material Produced Owner can choose the type of material produced. The player who “alchemize” will get random type of material. Decided by the type of factory
Productivity Productivity is determined by “alchemize” Produce materials over time
Storage Limit 10-day production 2.5-day production

In general, Alchemy Factory is cheaper, more powerful, more productive, and earn more DT than the Normal Factory.

2.What is DragonLand Permit?

Players traveling between DragonLand and the NeoWorld mainland are required to pay a fee. If players hold the “DragonLand Permit”, They will not have to pay the fee. “DragonLand Permit” is tradable.

3.What is Purple Bull Special Drink?

In the game, “Work”, “Manufacture” and other operations need to consume the player’s happiness value. Players can use the “Purple Bull Special Drink” to recover happiness value.

4.Does the DT purchased by the RO exchange in the game participate in the ranking?


5.What if my recharge amount is the same as everyone else?

If someone’s DT deposit is the same as everyone else, the reward will be awarded in the order of the last transaction time.

If you have any questions, please contact the game service.


Rules of NEOLAND (Second Territory)

The first week will be in beta test mode. If we found serious fault we will take maintenance immediately. There are special rules during beta test:

1) There will be resource plants on all parcels. All players could collect materials from the plants. There is a small chance to get high-tech material in this process. When the resource is collected, the owner of the parcel will automatically receive extra resources. The wish “快马加鞭” will take effect during collection.

2) In first 3 days of opening, there will be event “Candy War” from 20:00 – 20:30. The players could collect candies from NEO trees, and put it into the NEO baskets. The award will be based on the ranking according to the amount to put. Please refer to the detailed announcement ont the event.

1、Relation between NEO and NeoWorld


NEOLAND is a virtual world by NEO. There are 9 territories in total, and consist of 8100 parcels. The first territory is called “Origin”, the second territory is called “Blueprint”.


NEOLAND 2nd Territory is consist of 900 parcels, and is in the right of the 1st Territory.

The mining pool

The initial value of the mining pool is 4000 NEO by NEO. And add the parcel auction, the pre-auction, the total value of the mining pool is 5364.78 NEO. The mining pool would release accroding to the development situation of the island. The mining pool of the 2nd territory is independent from the 1st territory until the 3rd territory is open.


The materials of NEOLAND 2nd Territory can be imported from NeoWorld but you need pay the tax. Players can also build the material factory in the island to produce materials.


NRO is a right token of NEOLAND, and is a source power of the development of island. NRO can be circulated between 1st Territory and 2nd Territroy.


1)From NeoWorld to NEOLAND

The player on mainland could go to “Holy Grail” (at the newbie town at center of the 3rd continent, at coordination 200,200) to teleport to NEOLAND. There is “NEO” label on the NEO teleportation platform. The players who is holding “NEOLAND Pass Permit” will teleport for free, otherwise 1000 NASH will be charged.

2)From NEOLAND to NeoWorld

The player could teleport to NeoWorld from NEOLAND from the “Teleportation Platform”. Tthe player who is holding “NEOLAND Pass Permit” will teleport for free, otherwise NEO will be charged.

3)From NEOLAND 1st Territroy To 2nd Territroy

Players can click “Transfer Quickly” button in map panel to transfer, but it will costs NEO. Players can also transfer free by the “Parcels Wall” which is in the parcel that border on the 1st Territroy and 2nd Territroy.

2、The Parcels on NEOLAND


There are 30 x 30 parcels in total.


Different type of parcels has different attributes.

Parcel Type Description
The Holy Place 1. Owner could build special buildings with special functions
2. 30% add-on for fixed-income of business buildings
3. 20% add-on for NRO production
4. Owner will get special building “Teleportation Platform”
5. Owner will get special building “Monument”
CBD 1. Owner could build special buildings with special functions
2. 20% add-on for fixed-income of business buildings
Dock 1. Owner can build wharf and airport
2. 10% add-on for fixed-income of business buildings
RO-Enhanced 1. 10% add-on for NRO production
2. Owner will get free 2 NRO factories
Hi-Tech Enhanced 1. 10% add-on for hi-tech material production
2. Owner will get 2 free hi-tech factories
Timber Enhanced 30% add-on on timber production
Stone Enhanced  30% add-on on stone production
Steel Enhanced  30% add-on on steel production

Parcel Potential, Features, Develop and Invest

The function is not open right now.

Parcel Trade

1.From System

Players can buy the parcels at anytime. The price of these parcels will be influenced by these two factors:

1) The average price of the type of the parcels;

2) Check Value : 1.1.

2.From Players

The owner could put parcels owned as “on sale” (only when there is no building on the parcel). Other players could buy the parcels “on sale”.  There will be 5% of stamp fee for the trade, and 70% of the stamp fee will go to the mining pool.

3、The NEO Mining Pool


The players could mine NEO from the mining pool by building and operating the business buildings.

The Release Cycle

7% of the current mining pool will be released for every 7 days, as one release cycle. One release cycle will be consists of the increase mining pool value of last 7 days and the total mining pool value of last 7 days. Every part has a relase ratio. The fomer is 30%, and the latter which as the development of the island ,the ratio of the total mining pool value will increase.

In the first 7 days, “the increase mining pool value of last 7 days” is 1364.78  NEO which accroding to the auction of parcels; “the total mining pool value of last 7 days” is 4000NEO which is by NEO.

The unused part of the quota will be returned to the mining pool.

Returning to Mining Pool

The following will be returned to the mining pool:

Wharf: 95% of the construction cost, 70% of the tax

Business Building: 95% of the construction cost, 70% of the trading price (the trading is not open yet)

Factory: 95% of the construction cost, 70% of the auction price, 95% of the renovation cost

Special Building: 95% of the construction cost, 70% of the tax.

Parcels: 70% of Auction and Sales, 70% of the tax.

NRO factory: 5% of the construction cost.

4、Business Buildings

 Industries and Industry Values

There are four types of business buildings: Manufacture,  Commercial, Cultural and Service. Each of the type will get 1/4 of the mining pool. The industrial value of each type of business buildings is different, and the industrial value will affect the development value of the territory and the contribution value of the owner.


1)  Cost NEO

Players can use “Building Purchase Panel” to buy business building. The price rules of the buildings are here:

a) The more this building you owned, the more NEO Right Point you need to lock to get the next one;

The amount of locking RO for buying the next building = The amount you have the building * 5;

b) The more this building the territory build, the price is higher to get the next


The price for buying the next building = Total amount of the whole territory players’ building * 0.01 +6;

When you purchased one, the building will be sent to the warehouse.

2) Cost Materials

The Building will be in “Under Construction” mode when you place the building in the parcels. Certain amount of materials must be put into the building to complete the construction. The materials could be put by the owner or any other player.

Business Value

95% of the daily mining quota will be the pool of industry. Each industry will have 1/4 of the pool. For each industry, the pool will be distributed based on the players’ business value of the day.

Business building will generate Business Value (BV). The owner could collect BV from business buildings. On 24:00 every day, the system will distribute NEO based on the collected BV for all players. If the total BV does not exceed the total amount in mining pool, the players will get 0.00003 NEO for each BV. Otherwise, the NEO will be distributed to all BVs equally. After distribution the BV of the day will be reset to 0.

There are 2 types of Business Values: Fixed BV and Assist BV. The building will generate fixed BV every hour, and there is a max number of stored BV for each building. If the stored BV hit the limit, the generation will pause until the player collects BV. Other players could “Work” in the building and each “Work” will increase the assist BV of the building. During the distribution of NEO, the fixed BV and assist BV take same weight in calculation.

Work Income

5% of the daily mining quota will be pool of assist, and will be distributed based on assist value.

When the player works in other’s building, it will consume “Energy” and “Happiness” and get assist value. If the owner set subsidy, the worker will get extra reward.

The energy will recover by “Relax” in apartment.

The happiness will recover by:

a) “Relax” in apartment;

b) Recover in special buildings in CBD (chargeable);

c) Use items which could recover happiness.

There is a limit for times to work. Every time when some one works in this building, the time will reduce by 1, and corresponding BV will be added in the building.

Level Up

The owner could level up the business buildings. Leveling up will consume materials. After leveling up, the industry value, the increase rate of fixed BV and assiste BV will be improved. The max allowed level depends on the current development value of the island.

After each successful leveling up, there will be a cooling down time before next leveling up. The player could cool down immediately by paying NEO (0.1NEO/Hour).

Depreciation and Renovation

The business buildings will deprecate for every 10 days. The depreciation level will be 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, 10% correspondingly. After depreciation, the business value will be lowered down accordingly. Renovation will consume materials based on building level and depreciation level.


 Players can use “Building Purchase Panel” to buy factroy. The price rules of the buildings are here:

a) The more this building you owned, the more NEO Right Point you need to lock to get the next one;

The amount of locking RO for buying the next normal factories = The amount you have the building + 1;

The amount of locking RO for buying the next high-tec factories = (The amount you have the building +1) * 5;

b) The more this building the territory build, the price is higher to get the next one.

The price for buying the next normal factories = Total amount of the whole territory players’ building * 0.002 + 1;

The price for buying the next high-tec factories = Total amount of the whole territory players’ building * 0.01 +5;

When you purchased one, the building will be sent to the warehouse.

Production of Materials

The factories will produce materials from time to time. If the factory is built on parcels with enhanced, the production period will be reduced accordingly. The owner need to collect materials before the factory storage limit is hit.

Materials Factory produce 2 materials per hour, and the max store is 120;

High-Tec Factory produce 1 material per 4 hours, and max store is 10;

Depreciation and Renovation

The factories will depreciate every 10 days, and the depreciation level will be halved. After depreciation the production rate will be lowered down.

The player can renovate the normal factories with NRO.

In NEOLAND 1st Territory, renovation also need NRO.

The player can renovate the high-tech factories with normal materials.

Destruction and Sale

The destruction of factory will get the right points returned, but not any other resources.

6、The Wharf


Wharf could be built on “Port” parcels on NEOLAND. All players could import materials (owned by the player itself on mainland) to NEOLAND.


The wharf could only be built on “Port” parcels.

At most one wharf is allowed on each parcel.

Importing of Materials

Wharf Throughput: The (daily) throughput of a wharf is fixed. The owner could set the personal throughput which could only be used by him/herself (there is an upper limit in ratio and the ratio could be vary in different areas). The remaining throughput will be open to public.

Personal Throughput: It is the limit of all the throughput a specific player transport in all wharf of that area in that day. The value depends on the bidding result at 00:00 (UTC +8) everyday.

Consumption of throughput: When the owner transport good at his/her own wharf, if there is remaining personal throughput, the personal throughput will be consumed. At that time, it will not consume the personal throughput of the player. In any other case, the same amount of public throughput of the wharf and personal throughput of the player will be consumed. If any of the above is not enough, the transportation will not be done. The throughput consumption to transport different goods are different: 1 for 1 ordinary material, and 100 for 1 high-tech material.

Recovery of throughput: The private throughput and public throughput will be fully recovered at 00:00, 08:00, 16:00 UTC+8. If the owner changed the private throughput value, it will take effect at next recovery time. The personal throughput will be recalculated once per day. For all types of throughput, the remaining value will be invalidated when next recovery/re-calculation happens.

Importing Cost

When the player import materials, two types of fees will occur:

a)The global tariff (fixed)( Fixed Tariff would be a period time at 0.02NEO/ 100 throughput, and it will be Dynamic Tariff in appropriate time)

b)The transportation fee set by the wharf owner.

The owner could set the transportation fee at the management panel of wharf.

Please pay attention that in NEOLAND 1st Territory will no longer cost Right Point but still stay in the Dynamic Tax.

7、NEO Right Point


All players will have NEO right points on NEOLAND. It is related to NRO that locked by the player. It will affect the max number of business buildings and factories allowed for the player, and the personal throughput of the wharf. NEOLAND 1stTerritory and NEOLAND 2nd Territroy use the same amount.

Obtaining Right Point

Player could lock NRO to obtain right points. The more the NRO is locked, the more right points are obtained. The right points could be released to unlock NRO.

Consumption of Right Point

The construction of business building and factory will consume right points. The building could not be constructed if no enough right points available. The right points will be returned when the building/factory is destructed.

8、NRO Factory


The full name of NRO is NEOLAND Rare Ore. It is a rare resources only available on NEOLAND, and it is driving factor of NEOLAND.

The maximum offering of NRO is 10 million. Each territory of NEOLAND have 1 million of quota. When a new territory is opened, the quota is released. For each territory, 95% of the NRO will be produced by NRO factory; 5% will be pre-issued to the operational team for the events.

The player could build NRO factory to produce NRO, or buy NRO from RO Exchange.

NRO factory cannot be deleted right now.


NRO factory have 3 types: Type A, Type B and Type C. There are differences in Weight, Size, Price and Renovation Consume.

Type A: Weight is 25, Size is 1/4 of a parcel, standard price is 4000 USDT;

Type B: Weight is 5, Size is 1/9 of a parcel, standard is 800 USDT;

Type C: Weight is 1, Size is 1/25 of a parcel, standard is 160 USDT.

Renovation Materials are here:

Players can use “Building Purchase Panel” to buy business building. The price rules of the buildings are here:

a) The price is related to the NEO/USDT in exchange. The price of NEO is higher, the amount of NEO to buy the factory is lower.

b) You need lock NEO Right Point to purchase different NRO factory. The amount of right points are different from different type of NRO factory: Type A is 30, Type B is 20 and Type C is 10.

The building after purchasing would be added to the warehouse in the territory. The 5% of NEO which players buy the NRO Factory will return to the mining pool. And the left would be used to rebuy or activities.

Produce NRO Rules

1) From opening the island, system would get 7% from the mining pool and divided by 7, as the quota of the everyday of the next 7 days.

2) The expected total value of NRO everyday to realse is the 1% of total value of the NRO Factory of this territory.

3) The amount of NRO each day to realse is related with NRO/USDT: The higher price of NRO ,the less amount of NRO to relase; the lower price of NRO, the more amount of NRO to relase. And NRO/USDT will be related with the average price of NRO/NASH, NASH/ETH and ETH/USDT.

4) The expected total value of NRO everyday to realse divided by NRO/USDT and be compared with the quato to take the smaller value as the amount of NRO to release that day.

5) 24:00(UTC+8) , the system will be according to the Weight of every players have in the territory, divided by the total Weight to get the amount of NRO that every players can get.

Eg. If there are 10 brand new NRO Factory of Type C ,the total usdt value of these are 1600 USDT, and expected benfit is 16 USDT, and the NRO price is 0.02 USDT, so the amount of NRO this day to relase is 800(out of quato), so every NRO Facotory of Type C will get 80 NRO.

Depreciation and Renovation

The NRO factory will depreciate every 10 days. The depreciation levels are 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, 10% correspondingly.


The left old NRO factory will stop producing NRO when NEOLAND 2nd Territory open. We will replace the old NRO factory to the new NRO factroy. Players don’t need cost NEO Right Point to get the NRO factory which is replaced by the old NRO factory.



The owner of CBD could build special utility buildings on CBD. The utility building could supply special services to players. The owner could set the service fee.

Building in Current Version

a) Happiness Recovery Building: Players could recover happiness.

b) Material Exchange: Players could exchange materials.

Construction and Use

a) At most one special building could be built on each parcel

b) At most one building could be built for each type, for each player.

c) There is a number of use for the building. The number will recover over time. No one could use the utility if the number is 0.

10、Building Trade

A part of buildings can be in trade after rebacking to the warehouse.

The function is not open right now.


Player could buy a newbie apartment from NEOLAND Dream Apartment Community with 1 NEO. The apartment is located at the parcel with highest price in auction.

Player could “Relax” and “Sleep” to recover Happiness and Energy. The player could relax once and sleep once in newbie apartment.

Each house provides a private space. The owner could buy furniture and placed them in the house. The furniture will provide additional comfort level to the house. The higher comfort level will benefit in following way:

a) To recover more happiness when relaxing.

b) To gain higher additional income when the owner collect fixed business value.

c) To get more system subsidy and work value.

12、Private Space

The players could build their only game scene in private space.

To gain a private space, the player need to buy the entry building with NEO, and put it on a parcel owned by the player itself. Then the owner could enter the space to design and configure.

Land Auction Rules_Dragonland


1、DRAGONLAND is a virtual world funded by DragonEx for DragonEx community. DRAGONLAND consists of 9 territories, and 8100 (90 x 90) parcels in total.

2、The first territory consists of 900 parcels. It is at the Lower left of the DragonLand. 90 parcels will be available in the coming auction.

3、The Mining Pool: The initial mining pool is 6000 DT, funded by DragonEx, and it will be released gradually with the development of the island. Part of the income of selling parcels and buildings will go to the mining pool. The mining pool of the second territory will be independent from the first territory, until the opening of the third territory. Every time a new territory opens, the mining pool of the previous territory will be combined with the overall mining pool.

4、The Materials: The materials could be imported from NEOWORLD mainland or other islands, with certain cost. The materials could also be produced by local factories.

5、DRO: DRO represents the rights on DRAGONLAND, and it is a driving force of the development. DRO could be used on both territories. There will be a DRO presale before DragonLand opens. Please refer to the detailed announcement before about the presale. Please note the presale opens to the players who holding at least 10 NEST only.

6、Transportation: The DRAGONLAND PASS will apply to all territories on DRAGONLAND. For the players who are not holding a pass, one additional fee will occur for teleportation between territories. However, going across the border by walking is free.


1、Only registered user could participate in the auction. You can register a new account from the following invitation address: https://neoworld.io/account/signup?invite_channel=DragonEx

2、DT is the only supported currency in the auction.

3、Players need to deposit DT before participating the auction. During auction, players can transfer DT in and out of the account, though there will be a certain period of cooling down time. No transaction fee will be charged.

4、At the end of auction, the balance will be transferred back to the game account.

Auction Time

Time Start: 12:00 pm, 31th July, Wednesday (GMT+8)

Duration: 24 x 7 hours

Time End: 12:00 pm, 7th August, Wednesday (GMT+8)

Additional Rules

1、The parcels are graded as 5 grades – S, A, B, C, D – based on “potential”. The higher the potential of the parcel is, the higher the initial price is, and the more the “feature” to develop for the parcel.

2、All parcels could get “feature”.  Those features include enhancing the production of certain material, additional add-on for certain industry, etc. There could be multiple features on the same parcel, and the maximum number of features depends on the potential grade. The number of features will be unlocked by rising of prosperity value of the parcel.

The mapping between maximum number of features and potential grade is as following:

Potential Grade Max. Number of Features
S 5
A 4
B 3
C 2
D 1

Certain types of parcel have default features, the details are as following:

Type Potential Grade Default Feature Misc Base Development Value
Saint S Business Value of all Industries +30%

RO Production +20%

1. Owner could build special buildings with special functions
2. Owner will get special building “Teleportation Platform”
3. Owner will get special building “Monument”
CBD A Business Value of all Industries +20% Owner could build special buildings with special functions 5000
RO Enhanced A RO Production +10% 3000
High-Tech Enhanced B High-Tech Production +10% Owner will get 2 free hi-tech factories(Delivery to warehouse) 2000
Dock B Business Value of all Industries +10% Owner can build wharf and airport 3000
Steel Enhanced C Steel Production +30% 1000
Timber Enhanced C Timber Production +30% 1000
Stone Enhanced C Steel Production +30% 1000
Villa Parcel C With One Villa by default 2000
Ordinary Parcel D 0

Note:No complimentary building will be given for buying RO Enhanced and High-Tech Enhanced after islands are opened.

3、The features could be developed or reset when the prosperity value meets the requirement. The prosperity value will be raise when construction, operation and renovation happens, in addition, “invest” will gain additional prosperity value in a daily base.

The Parcels

There are 900 parcels in the first territory. The details of the parcel types are as following:

Type Potential Grade Total Number Number in Auction Initial Price in DT
Saint S 1 1 300
CBD A 15 2 45
RO Enhanced A 9 3 45
High-Tech Enhanced B 33 3 45
Dock B 59 6 45
Steel Enhanced C 66 6 15
Timber C 66 6 15
Stone Enhanced C 66 6 15
Villa Parcel C 198 18 15
Ordinary Parcel D 387 39 3

After opening of the island, all players could buy any parcel from system directly, if it is not sold yet. The price will depend on the auction/sale price of the same parcel type in history. The price formula is: Price = average auction/sale price of the same parcel type * factor. The value of the factor will be announced before the island opening.

Auction Rules

1、The initial price of the each land is decided by the potential grade.

2、Bids must be multiples of 0.1 DT. The next bid must be 1% higher than the previous price, the minimum price increase cannot be lower than 0.1 DT also.

3、After bidding for one land, that amount of DT will be frozen that players cannot use it to bid other lands.

4、Players can withdraw the bid only when he’s not the highest bidder. No fees would be charged if withdraw.

5、When the auction time runs out, the land automatically belongs to the bidder with highest price and will not be auctioned again.

6、The auction end time will be changed according to the bidding each time. Here are the details:

a) for each bidding, the end time is the current time plus X.

In earlier stage of the auction, X = 24.

e.g., after someone bids for a certain land, if no one bids it with a higher price in the next coming 24 hours, then this auction ends.

In the last 24 hours of the auction, X will be halved for each biding, the lowest time is 10 mins.

b) If the calculated auction end time is greater than the auction stop time (1200pm, 5th July, GMT+8), then the auction ends according to the latter.


1、One DRAGONLAND Pass (Permanent) will be given to the owner for each parcel auctioned. The owner could activate the pass to gain permanent FREE re-entry right of DRAGONLAND. The passes not activated could be sold in supermarkets.

2、Special building “Monument” will be built on the Saint parcel. The functions of Monument are as following:

All the player could “BLESS” at the Monument, and gain the buff “BOOST”.

With “BOOST” buff activated, the player could “BOOST” any business building. By doing this, both the player and the building could gain more business value from working.

“BLESS” will cost DRO. The price will be set by the owner of Monument. 30% of the NRO cost will go to owner and 70% will be burnt.

Scheduled Maintenance and Minor Adjustments to NRO Calculation Formula

There will be a scheduled maintenance from 18:30 – 19:30 (UTC+8 Singapore time). For minor adjustments over the calculation of NRO payout.

We note that there is a discrepancy in the understanding of the NRO production calculations, and hereby we make minor adjustments and clarifications:

In calculating the total USDT value of NRO of any day, the land parcel attributes will be added to the production output of the mining machine. For instance, RO-enhanced land will give a Type A NRO factory a boost of 10% of its USDT value of USDT, making it 4000USDT X (100+10%)=4400 USDT. A player will receive an email on the calculation of the NRO payout on the day it is distributed, as an effort to increase the transparency of the game system.