Release Note (29th November, 2019)

The expected update will be conducted on 14:00 – 15:00 on 29th November 2019:

1.Permanent Resident

When the player owns a land in the GXCLAND 1st territory, he will be the permanent resident of  GXCLAND 1st territory. Permanent residents in this territory use the teleport function for free. View “Permanent Resident”: “Statics” – ”Personal” – “Income”.

If the player has cancelled or sold the last piece of land, he will not be a permanent resident in this territory.


  • The reset time of GXCLAND Island Job Center will be reduced to 30 seconds.
  • Players who win land in the last round of GXCLAND land auction will receive GXCLAND Permit (permanent) Coupon by system mail.
  • The reward of GXCLAND 1st territory Island Top Bidder Monument will be awarded.

NeoWorld Team


Release Note (27th November, 2019)

The expected update will be conducted on 16:00 – 17:00 on 27th November 2019:

1.Island Job Center

The “Island Job Center” will be updated to public areas of GXCLAND. The building will provide 100,000 KPI. When the 100,000 PKI is reached, it will be reset in 1 minute. Players spend 1 energy value and 20 happiness each time they work in the building. Players will get a small amount of experience and a chance to get Junior Work Equipment Fragment or Junior Work Badge Fragment.

Players can choose to work in Island Job Center to avoid wasting energy value.

2.KPI adjustments for buildings

The KPI of Buisness Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Service Buildings and Bultural Buildings in GXCLAND will be adjusted to 1,000. The performance award will be improved.

The KPI of old buildings will be adjusted to 1000 after a new CD.


The tips and interface of “RO Collect” in GXCLAND will be adjusted.

The interface of “Island Material Exchange” in GXCLAND will be adjusted.

The tips of “Purchase Building ” in GXCLAND will be adjusted.

NeoWorld Team


NeoWorld Biweekly Progress Report(2019.11.11-2019.11.24)

1.Product Developments and Research Progress

1)On 11 Nov, NeoWorld hotfix adjusted the rewards of “Work Activity” for 11.11 carnival rewards.

2)On 14 Nov, NeoWorld hotfix adjusted the rewards of “Work Activity” for normal rewards.

3)On 15 Nov, NeoWorld scheduled maintenance optimized the UI for part of activities.

4)On 22 Nov, NeoWorld scheduled maintenance launched the GXCLAND 1st territory and updated the island Version 3.0.

5)Recently development efforts will be focusing on:

  • Development of the CryptoIslands H5 version
  • Continuous optimization of CryptoIslands PC version

2. Business Development and Marketing Activities

1) On 13 Nov, The land auction of the GXCLAND co-launched by NeoWorld and GXC ended. All 96 plots were successfully traded and the total bid amount reached 8692GXC.

2) On 19 Nov, AMA live event of GXCLAND was held. As of November 25, 586 people participated in the event.

3) On 21 Nov, In order to celebrate the opening of the GXCLAND 1st territory, the event of “First Day Development Value prediction” be held and the community members participated actively.

4) On 22 Nov, NeoWorld held “Business Experts” event which is still ongoing.

5) On 22 Nov, NeoWorld held GXCLAND User Generated Content event. Users who post GXCLAND related Contents will have chances to win rewards and are still in progress.

6) On 24 Nov, NeoWorld launched the 3rd round “Ask Community” on the WeChat public platform account

3. Community Developments

1)Till 2019.11.25, NeoWorld’s social media channels’ data are as follows:

Chinese Community:

  • Weibo: 125(↑0)
  • Bihu: 1558(↑7)
  • WeChat public platform account: 15897(↑551)
  • Knowledge planet: 1289(↑96)

English Community:

  • Twitter:514(↓10)
  • Telegram:1662(↓34)
  • Medium:100 (↑3)
  • Facebook:1111(↓5)
  • Discord:155(↓1)

2)Last week, NeoWorld made several important announcements:

3)Ecological Developments:

The registration of NeoWorld’s 2nd ecological committee was launched on November 10 and officially completed on November 19.

NeoWorld ecological committee launched beginner guidance program for GXCLAND.

4. Ask NeoWorld

We invite all community members to ask questions about our recent developments announced above and any question related to NeoWorld in general. We will select not more than 10 questions to answer and choose the best question from the list.

Period for Asking Questions:

From now to 18:00 of 27 Nov.

Question Rewards:

10,000 NASH will be rewarded for selected questions and additional 50,000 NASH for the best question of the week. The rewards will be distributed from the UGC mining pool and will be announced to the community in the future.

Question Format:

  • Game ID: xxxxxx
  • My Question: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Looking for “Business Experts” to Share GXC Prize Pool & GRO Rewards

Event Time

From November 22, 18:00 to November 29, 18:00

Event Rule

1.During the event, the player’s personal contribution value added by GXCLAND business buildings will be recorded.

Recorded value:

  • a.Purchase business buildings
  • b.Performs “produce” actions through business buildings

2.From November 23 to November 28 at 18:00 every day, the ranking top 10 will receive GRO awards.

Ranking Awards
1 GRO*10
2 GRO*8
3 GRO*5
4-5 GRO*2
6-10 GRO*1

3.20% of the total sales of business buildings during the event (not return to local mining pool) will enter Event Prize Pool. The ranking of cumulative contribution value is until 18:00 on November 29, and the top 10 players will share Event Prize Pool.

Ranking Proportion
1 50%
2 25%
3 10%
4-5 equally divide up 10%
6-10 equally divide up 5%

4.If the individual contribution values of the players in the ranking are the same, they are sorted in chronological order.

5.Players will receive GRO rewards within working days by system mail. The final ranking award will be awarded by system mail within 7 working days after the event.


The amount deducted for the purchase of business buildings using the “1 GXC Coupon” is not included in the Event Prize Pool.

GXC Withdraw Temporary Close

GXCLAND will open soon. In order to ensure the safety of the assets, GXC withdraw will be closed.

Withdraw close time: November 22, 2019, 12:00

GXC withdraw will be available after the GXCLAND is opened. The specific date will be announced in the subsequent announcement.

Thank you for your continuous support to NeoWorld and wish you having a good time.

NeoWorld Team

NRO open deposit & withdraw function at 12 o’clock on November 22

Dear users:

The CandyBull Exchange will open the NRO deposit&withdraw function at 14:00(UTC+8) on November 22, 2019, NeoWorld official website will open NRO deposit&withdraw function in advance on November 22, 2019 at 12:00(UTC+8), welcome to use!


  • To withdraw coins requires KYC.
  • The cost of the withdraw : withdrawal amount *1% RO.
  • The minimum amount of withdraw and doposit is 1NRO, the maximum withdrawal amount in recent 24 hours is 1000NRO.
  • NRO withdraw path: Log in to the official website – Account – Deposit&Withdraw – Choose NRO.
  • Official website user center:

Thank you for your support of NeoWorld, wish you enjoy game.

NeoWorld Team

November 21,2019

Lock NEST Win GRO Subscription Qualification

1.Players can lock NEST of Game Account through “Event” interface in the game. Eligible players can apply for rounds of lotteries to win the GRO subscription.

2.The total amount of subscription per round (total of 3 rounds) is 100 GROs. The subscription amount per person per round is constant 5 GROs. Subscription price: 1 GRO = 5000 NASH. Players who have successfully applied will be temporarily deduct the corresponding NASH.

3.NEST lock function will be turned off at 19:00 on November 21. The results of the lotteries will be notified by System Mail at 19:30 on November 21. Please receive GROs and the returned NASH by System Mail in the game.

4.In addition, Top 50 of locking NEST can participate in Panic Buying event at 20:30 on November 21. The total amount that can be purchased is 100 GROs. The maximum amount of personal purchase is 5 GROs. Purchase price: 1 GRO = 5000 NASH.

5.If there are GROs remaining in the lotteries, these GROs could be purchased in Panic Buying event.

6.NEST can only be locked and cannot be unlocked during the events. The locked NEST will be returned by System Mail after the events.

7.To ensure the stability of the function, the GRO/NASH exchange pair will be opened after the GXCLAND is opened.