Release Note – 2019-03-02 (Preview)

Update Time: 2nd March, 2019 1600-1800 (UTC+8)

Update includes:

1. Adjustment on characater property
The following properties are removed: “Fatigue”, “Stamina”, “Work Times”
“Happiness” is remade
Added new property “Energy”
The details on new properties will be released in detailed release note

2. Housing System
1) Why we need a house?
– You can “Relax” to recover “Happiness”
– You can “Sleep” to recover “Energy”
– Add-on when work
– Add-on when collecting fixed income
The higher “Comfort Level” of the house is, the higher the above effects are
2) All players could buy a house in newbie town, and could also buy houses built by other players.
3) Player holding “Real Estate Business Licence” could build house on the lands they own, and sell the houses to other players. The houses could be resold.
4) Each house provides a private space. The owner could buy furnitures and placed them in the house. The furnitures will provide additional comfort level to the house

3. Adjustment on renovation rules
4. System adjustment on NEOLAND
5. Adjustment on Wharf
6. Events about EOSLAND (EOSLAND not being released yet)

The detailed release note will be published during the maintenance.

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