Release Note (2nd Mar, 2019)

1. Adjustment on characater property
– The following properties are removed: “Fatigue”, “Stamina”, “Work Times”.
– “Happiness” is remade.
– Added new property “Energy”
1) Happiness
The max value of “Happiness” is 1000. Happiness will reduce when:
– When a player work/research, happiness will reduce 5 when 1 energy is consumed. Certain job requires happiness of player to be higher than the requirement. When happiness is 0, the player could not work/research
– Happiness will reduce 5 for each gathering/producing
– Happiness will reduce 25 for each use of treasure map
Happiness could be recovered by following:
– ​”Relax” in house. The recovery rate depends on comfort level of the house, as following figure:
[table id=11 /]
– Recover in rare building. The rare buildings which recovered fatigue and happiness in old version will recover happiness after upgrading.
[table id=12 /]
– Wonder wish: 快马加鞭. The effect of the wish is “Recover 200 happiness immediately, and during the day, get double of the materials when gathering and producing
– “Like” in famous place. Recover 10 happiness.
– “Rest” in green area. Recover 30 happiness.
– Purple Bull Special Drink. Recover 50 happiness.
– The tent will be disabled in this version and pending for adjustment.
2) Energy
Energy is similar to “Work Times” in previous version. The default max value is 30, and player could increase the max value by learning “Workaholic” skill. Energy will be consumed when working/researching. Energy could be recovered by following:
– “Sleep” in house. The recovery rate depends on happiness when resting, as following figure:
[table id=13 /]
– Wonder wish 劳模风范. The effect of the wish is “Recover 50% of the max energy”
– Visiting the Tourism buildings.
2. Housing System

1) Why we need a house?
– You can “Relax” to recover “Happiness”
– You can “Sleep” to recover “Energy”
– Add-on when work
– Add-on when collecting fixed income

2) All players could buy a house in newbie town, and could also buy houses built by other players.

3) Player holding “Real Estate Business Licence” could build house on the lands they own, and sell the houses to other players. The houses could be resold. The minimum price is 100,000 NASH.

4) The house has “Comfort Level” property. Different types of houses has different initial comfort level and max comfort level, as following figure:

[table id=14 /]

5) Each player can own multiple houses, but could only set one of them as “under use”. The comfort level of the player is the comfort level of the house “under use”. The other houses will not be calculated.

6) Each house provides a private space. The owner could buy furniture and placed them in the house. The furniture will provide additional comfort level to the house

7) The player could “Relax” and “Sleep” in house. Relax to recover happiness and sleep to recover energy. There is a cooling down time for relax and sleep separately. The cooling down time is 24 hours for Newbie Apartment and 12 hours for Intermediate Apartment

8) The details of comfort level effect are following:

Comfort level – happiness recovery

[table id=11 /]

Comfort level – fixed income add-on

[table id=15 /]

Comfort level – work income for worker/owner

[table id=16 /]

3. Adjustment on Wharf

1) The owner could switch between “open for public” and “private” at any time, but there are 24 hours cooling down time after switching

2) Transfer of materials will consume Right Points now. 1 Right Point will be consumed for every 100 throughput.

4. Adjustment on level up of NEOLAND business building

1) The max level of business building is limited by continent development value, as following figure:

[table id=17 /]

2) After maintenance, the level of all existing buildings will remain, but they could not level up further if requirement is not met.

5. Adjustment on renovation on NEOLAND

The renovation of NRO Factory will cost following resources:

[table id=18 /]

6. EOSLAND Auction

The first island of EOSLAND: eoslambdacom will be open for auction at 12:00 noon, 8th, Mar 2019 (UTC +8)


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