Release Note (9th Mar, 2019)

Update Time: 14:00-16:00, 9th Mar (UTC +8)


1. The cooling down mechanism of “Relax” and “Sleep” is changed to “Available Times” per day. The available time will be reset at 0:00 (UTC +8). In “Dream Apartment Community” (the house in newbie town), player could relax once and sleep once per day; in intermediate apartment the player could relax once and sleep twice per day.

2. The cooling down time of selling house or move into a house is displayed now.

3. The player could “return to house” in “Map” and teleport to the land on where the active house

2. Optimise the calcuation on production buildings with depreciation

When collecting the materials, if there is a decimal part after depreciation, the decimal part will be kept in the building and accumulated until next collection. For exmaple, if the number of material prduced is 6, and the deprecation rate is 80%, 4 materials will be collected and 0.8 will be kept in the building

3. Open of NEOLAND House

Starting from 12:00 noon 10th Mar, 3 intermediate communities on NEOLAND will be on auction. The auction will last for 24 hours. After auction, the houses in the community could be traded with NEO.

4. Adjustment on NEOLAND Business Building Leveling Up Limitation

The limitation on business building leveling up on NEOLAND is temporarily disabled. The limitation will re-enabled when the 2nd zone of NEOLAND is open.

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