Release Note 16th March

Maintenance Time: 14:00 – 16:00 16th March (UTC +8)

“BattleField” is online

The player could design their own battle field in private space. The battlefield is in beta and the features will keep improving.

In the future, there will be more game mode to choose. The users could have more choices  when building private spaces. More importantly, the owner could gain income from sales of tickets and other virtual items.

The detail of battle field is as following:

New Building “Star Arena Portal” 

The player could build “Star Arena Portal” with NASH on his land. People could enter “Star Arena” from the portal. Each player could be at most one Star Arena Portal. The building could not be destructed to put back to warehouse.

The players will have battle properties in star arena: HP, Attack, and Defense. In arena, players could gain weapons to fight with others.

The player will die when HP is reduced to 0. The player will revive from the entry point of the arena.

“Equipment Halo” and Attack Mode

The owner of the arena could place “Equipment Halo” (with NASH) in the arena.

The halo could be place in any place in the arena. The owner could set the equipment type in halo. When the player enters the halo, he/she will get the corresponding equipment.

In current version of game two types of equipment are supported, namely “Railgun (S)” and “Railgun (M)”. Railgun (S) has faster attack rate, and the bullets fly faster, but with lower damage; Railgun (M) has lower attack rate, and the bullets fly slower, but with higher damage.

When a player carries gun, he/she will be in attack mode. In this mode, a crosshair will show up in the center of the screen. The player could move mouse to aim target, and shot by left clicking the mouse.


The owner could buy “Sentrygun” with NASH and place them in the arena.

One active sentrygun will detect and attack the targets automatically in its attack range. The players could attack the sentrygun. If a sentrygun is destroyed, it will reborn after certain period of time.

If there are more than one targets in its attack range, the sentrygun will attack the target who made the most accumulated damage to itself. If there are more than one targets have same damage, the attack target will be the one who entered the attack range first. The accumulated damage will be cleared when the player moves out from the attack range, or died.

The attack mode of the sentrygun could be set by the owner, namely “RapidFire”, “Artillery Fire”, and “Bombard”. The attack rate,  damage and bullet speed are different in different mode.

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