The island of eoslambdacom will open on 1600 21st Mar (UTC +8)

EOSLAND is a Cluster of Islands and comprises of 21 islands. On EOSLAND, EOS is the major currency. The game rules on EOSLAND are open and the ultimate goal is to allow the EOS community to define the rules. Each island is operated by a EOS node, which supplies the initial EOS mining pool.

The first island of EOSLAND is the Island of eoslambdacom, and operated by EOS node eoslambdacom.

The Island of eoslambdacom has a size of 400 pieces of lands (20×20). The auction of lands was started from 1200 8th Mar, 2019. The auction has finished on 1200 15th Mar, and the total bid price is 8151.7 EOS. According to the rule, 70% of the total income (5710.39) will be injected into initial mining pool.

The initial mining pool provided by eoslambdacom is 10,000 EOS. Therefore there are 15,710.39 EOS in the initial mining pool. The players could gain EOS by building, working and attending the events etc.

The island of eoslambdacom will open on 1600 21st Mar (UTC +8). The latest updates will be published on official site and wechat official account

Wechat Official Account: eosland

There will be 5 events when EOSLand opens. The details will be published gradully.

Event 1: Benefit for High Contribution
1) ERO will be awarded to the players with continental contribution: 1 ERO for each 50,000 contribution. The decimal part of ERO will be dropped.
2) The contirbution on different continents will not be accumulated, i.e. if one player have 20,000 on each continent, the total ERO he/she will get is 0.
3) The calculation is based on the value on 1400 21st March (UTC +8)
4) ERO will be sent to players’ mailbox after EOSLAND opens

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