Release Notes 26th Mar

Since the launching of EOSLAND, we have received various constructive feedback from users. We also conducted research and analysis on the imbalance issues caused by the rules and numerical settings in the development stage of the island. NeoWorld development team sincerely apologizes to the community users for the technical bugs that existed in the early days of EOSLAND. For the releasing of future versions, we will certainly do our best to provide users with a stable and high-quality gaming experience with a more rigorous development process.
With the consideration of a number of feedback, we will update the game at 10:30-11:00 (UTC + 8) on March 26 to adjust and optimize EOSLAND’s numerical settings of economic model. The update will include:
1. Remove the restriction on the development value of the business building upgrade;
2. Adjustment of other values.
In order to maintain fairness, the details of the numerical adjustment will be released after the service is stopped at 10:30 (UTC + 8) on March 26. Please pay attention to the relevant announcements.
For other optimization suggestions for EOSLAND Island, you are welcomed to give us feedback via the official communication channels. Thank you!
NeoWorld Team

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