Release Note 27th March 2019

Maintenance Time: 1400 – 1600 27th March (UTC+8)

1. Event: EOSLAND material factories could be destroyed with building cost returned

Event period: After maintenance – maintenance on 30th March
During the event, players could destroy the material factories (not including RO factory), and got all EOS building cost and 10 right points returned,
After the event, 20 right points will be deducted for each of the buildings built before 26th March maintenance. If there is no enough right points, all of the material factories (except the first one which is built without right points) will be put back to warehouse automatically.
After 30th maintenance, the material factories will be able to be put into warehouse again.

2. EOSLand Land Rental Test Run

The land rental on EOSLAND will be open for trial run. In current version only empty land could be rented.

1) The land owner could set empty land (which is not under sale) for rental. Rental period (7-90 days) and rental fee (0.1 – 1000 EOS) need to be configured. The rental information is listed on Map panel.

2) If a land is set for rental, no construction on this land is allowed. If the owner cancels the setting, there is a 6 hours cool down time before next set for rental.

3) If a player rent the land, the rental fee for 1 unit of period will be paid to owner, and the tenant will gain the operation right on this land during this period. The land owner will receive the mail notification with the rental fee (5% of stamp fee will be deducted and 70% will go to mining pool)

4) During the rental period, both the owner and the tenant could check the rental information by going to Map -> Click on the land -> Rental Management panel. Both parties could choose the “auto renewal” option – by default the auto renewal is on. When the current rental period is over, if any party choose not to renew, or the tenant does not have enough balance to renew, the rental will be over, otherwise the tenant will automatically pay the rental fee to the owner and rental will renew to next cycle. The owner will receive rental fee by mail.

During the rental period, the operation right the tenant will have:
1. Check the land information in Map -> My Lands and teleport for free
2. Rename the land
3. Buy/Build factories or business buildings, operate and collect incomes. The contribution points gained by the buildings belongs to the tenant.
4. Choose whether to renew

During the rental period, the right the owner will have:
1. Check the land information in Map -> My Lands and teleport for free
2. Choose whether to renew
3. The contribution points gained by the land belongs to the owner.
4. When the rental is over, all the building belonging to the tenant will be put into tenant’s warehouse. If the building is under construction or has award to collect, the building status will be reserved after it is put on another land. The operation right will be returned to the owner.

Land is the most important asset in game and there might be dispute between players during rental process. The game will continue to update and optimize the rules. At the same time, before making the rental decision, please consider all the related factors, including but no limited to rental fee, rental period, and the land location.

Improvement on Chest in Private Spaces

The “Consumable Technology Treasure Chest” in private space on all continents is improved. Now the owner could put the currency and RO on corresponding continent into the chest.

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