Release Note 30th March 2019

Maintenance Time: 1400-1600 30th March 2019 (UTC+8)

1. End of Event: EOSLAND material factories could be destroyed with building cost returned
After the event ends, the following adjustments will be made:
1) 20 right points will be deducted for each of the buildings built before 26th March maintenance. If there is no enough right points, all of the material factories (except the first one which is built without right points) will be put back to warehouse automatically.
2) After maintenance, the material factories will be able to be put into warehouse again, and 30 right points will be returned.

2. Adjustment on depreciation rule
1) The productivity of EOSLAND material factories (including Timber, Steel, Stone and Hi-tech) will be halved in each depreciation.
2) The renovation of Timber, Steel, Stone factories will require ERO. The details are as following:

3. Other adjustments
1) The production of materials on NEOLAND and EOSLAND will not introduce pollution of the land.
2) When putting currencies into chest of NEOLAND and EOSLAND private space, stamp fee will be charged.
3) Adjustment on some avatar animations

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