Release Note 11th Apr

Maintenance Time: 14:00 – 16:00 11th Apr UTC +8

1. Adjustment on Wharf and Throughput Bidding

The Adjustment
1) The wharf is now open to all players
2) The throughput is now divided into private throughput and public throughput, and the total value is fixed. The owner of wharf could set the the private throughput. There is a upper limit of ratio private throughput. The ratio might be different in different area.
3) The wharf throughput will be fully recovered at 00:00, 08:00, 16:00 (UTC +8) every day. The unused part will not accumulate. If the owner changes the private throughput configuration, it will take effect at next recovery.
4) The private throughput will be consumed if there is any, when the owner uses the wharf, and it will not consume personal throughput. If there is no private throughput or other player is using the wharf, public throughput will be consumed, and also same amount of personal throughput.

Throughput Bidding
1) The personal throughput could only be gained by daily bidding. The unused part will be dropped on next day.
2) The player could lock/unlock right point on the bidding panel. At 00:00 UTC+8, all players who locked right points will get the corresponding throughput. The value is calculated as following:
result = right points the player locked / right points all players locked * today’s quota.
Each right point will get 100 throughputs maximum. The remaining part will be rounded to nearest unit of 100.
3) Today’s quota is calculated by the sum of public throughput (at 00:00 UTC +8) of all wharfs on the continent, and the throughput consumption rate yesterday. The lower the throughput consumption rate yesterday is, the higher the bidding quota is.
4) The throughput consumption rate is the consumption rate of all public and private throughput.

Other Details
1) After maintenance, the personal throughput will not be auto-recovered. If before the maintenance the throughput is under cooling down, it will be set to 0 after maintenance.
2) After maintenance, the private throughput will be set to 2000, and the total throughput of all wharfs will be fully recovered.
3) In the bidding processing on next day of maintenance, the throughput consumption rate yesterday is considered as 100%.

2. Adjustment on Voucher Use

1) “1 NEO Voucher” is added on NEOLAND.
2) When the player trying to use voucher, the max amount of vouchers is based on following:

NEO Voucher limit and Contribution

EOS Voucher and Contribution

3) The total amount of vouchers could not exceed to X% of the total price.
4) If there is a digital part in price, one more voucher will be used, but it will not exceed to limit of contribution value.

3. Bug fix

1) When a machine gun is selected, sometimes the operation menu of player will show up;
2) The error message when a player with free status trying to work in newbie town;
3) Certain part of translation tool in chat channel does not work

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