Build the Virtual World Together,NeoWorld Ambassador Recruitment

1、 About NeoWorld Ambassador

As a believer and practitioner of Community Autonomous Organization, NeoWorld project team wants to design a robust system, which gives the operating and governing rights to the residents of the Virtual World.

With the current Wonder System and Lord System, we have established basic autonomous organization at the continental level. Within weeks, we will implement the ecosystem development plan, entering the running phase of ecosystem development committee. After that, we will roll out the UGC content selection plan, to further enhance in-game UGC ecosystem.

During the process of implementing community autonomous organizations, we realize that the project team needs more help to facilitate the communication with community autonomous organizations, to assist NeoWorld to promote in different areas across the global, and to build local communities.

Such people are members from the community, also known as “community volunteers” in some other blockchain projects. However, due to the nature of our project, the requirement of such community members are higher, we also want to be limit the number of such personal. Therefore, we want to have these member named as NeoWorld Ambassador.

Come on,We want you!

2、Duties of NeoWorld Ambassador

  •  Assist NeoWorld to maintain online community, collect project feedback and suggestions
  • Assist NeoWorld to organize online and offline events, suggest marketing initiative for the respective area
  • Assist NeoWorld to access local blockchain industry resources, including media, communities, wallets, and etc.
  • Represent project team to coordinate with community autonomous organizations to organize events, promote ecosystem development
  • Report development progress weekly, and submit plans for the coming weeks to the email address provided by the project team.
  • Other things that help the healthy development of NeoWorld

3、Benefits of NeoWorld Ambassador

  •  Receive NASH awards according to the performance, the rewards come from the development team’s token allocation or revenue generated
  • Visit the headquarter office in Singapore or local offices at any time, have close interaction with the project team.
  • Receive a limited edition NeoWorld Ambassador POLO T-shirt and a memorial ambassador badge.
  • Invite to all industry events, that NeoWorld take part in, as VIP.
  • Have priority to receive airdrops or benefits in the offline events organized by NeoWorld.
  • Invite to NeoWorld ambassador meetup quarterly, have face to face communication with NeoWorld core management team.
  • The project team will consider ambassador as the most important community KOL. Ambassador’s suggestions will be evaluated and replied the soonest.

4、Restriction on NeoWorld Ambassador

Because of the close relationship with the NeoWorld project team, ambassadors are not allowed to run for members of ecosystem development committee, and members of UGC content selection committee.

5、NeoWrold Ambassador Recruitment rules

1)Recruitment Time

From now till the vacancies been filled.

2)Candidate Requirement

Open to candidates from all over the world, no matter where you live, how old you are, what gender, or your professional experience.

3)Number of Ambassadors

“NeoWorld Ambassador” is an initiative of NeoWorld community development plan. For the 1st batch, we will recruit one ambassador for each of the following areas: Greater China Area, Japan and Korea, South East Asia, North America.

Considering the current development of NeoWorld, we will prioritize the recruitment of ambassador for the Greater China Area. However, anyone who is interested to become NeoWorld ambassador for other areas is welcome to contact us.

4)Selection Criteria

  • Cheerful, active, willing to communicate and coordinate, with strong event planning and organizational skills.
  • Has in-depth understanding and buy-in NeoWorld project and its vision. Preferably, the candidate shall have played NeoWorld for more than half a year.
  • Has great reputation within the NeoWorld community, made sizeable contribution both within and outside the NeoWorld.
  • Blockchain enthusiast, believes in the future of digital asset, has own understanding and thoughts about token economics, believer of community.
  • Flexible working hours, able to organize and coordinate online and offline events according to the operation plan. Traveling is required when necessary.


  • Please apply through email:
  • Required information: Photo, Name, Residential City/Area, Phone No., Email, and Reasons to be selected (Please explain it with no more than 500 words)

6)Recruitment Process

  • NeoWorld project team will contact the qualified applicants within 7 days from the time the application is submitted.
  • After further communication, once a suitable candidate is confirmed, NeoWorld project team will introduce the ambassador candidate to the community. The candidate will start to fulfill his/her duties as the NeoWorld ambassador, entering a 1-3 months evaluation period.
  • Upon passing the evaluation, NeoWorld will officially announce the ambassador to the community, and present the NeoWorld Ambassador a Memorial Badge. The ambassador is officially appointed.

7)Termination Mechanism

There is no pre-set duration for NeoWorld ambassadors at the moment. If one of the following happens, NeoWorld will evaluate the situation and impose sanctions accordingly, the ambassador could be removed eventually.

  • Cause loses to NeoWorld or its community members
  • Do not fulfill the duty of NeoWorld ambassador for a long time
  • Utilize the name of NeoWorld ambassador to gain unethical benefits or undergoing illegal activities

If there is any termination of NeoWorld ambassador, NeoWorld will announce it immediately to the community. We encourage community members to report any wrong doing of the ambassadors.

We welcome any interested community member to join us, let’s build the blockchain powered virtual world together.

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