Release Note 10th May

Maintenance Time: 16:30-17:30 10th May (UTC +8)

Adjustment on ONTLAND Ordinary Parcels

1、On ONTLAND, when a player buys an ordinary parcel from system, he / she will get one ONTLAND Pass Coupon (Permanent) (The player who bought parcels will receive the coupons from mail)

2、On ONTLAND, 70% of the parcel purchasing cost from system will go back to mining pool of ONTLAND

3、The Dream House on ordinary parcels will be able to put into warehouse, but it could not be sold.

Fix on Wharf

Fix the issue that the rule “Each right point will get 100 throughputs maximum” does not take effect


1. The remaining cooling down time of building level up.

2. Display issue of setting subsidy.

3. The displayed number of material required of renovation of buildings with high stars.

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