NeoWorld Ecosystem Contributors Division

In NeoWorld Ecosystem Construction Manifesto, we have stated three principles in the early stage, “talent-oriented”, “from strict to wide”, and “governing from the rule of the people to the rule of law and perfecting the rules while practicing”. Under these three principles, we have formulated the budget and set out the NeoWorld Ecosystem Contributors Division.

Division Monthly Bonus Priority
Bronze 50,000 Nash Trial Period
Silver 100,000 Nash Number or Completeness
Gold 200,000 Nash Quality
Platinum 400,000 Nash Persistence
Diamond 700,000 Nash Internal Influence
Challenger 1,000,000 Nash External Influence

Explanations on Division

  • The monthly bonus of 50,000 – 1,000,000 Nash is based on the standard of the Ecosystem Construction Committee which stipulates 50,000 Nash for members and 1,000,000 Nash for Chairman.
  • The reason why the Bronze Division receives only 50,000 Nash is that we encourage more players to participate without the risk of profiteers.
  • The Division is inherited. For example, In Gold Division, “quality” is highly valued. However, it implies that the first two standards, “the trial period” and “number or completeness” are both reliable. In the case of Platinum Division, the contributor must be “persistent”, that is, he has been and will be doing his job for quite a long time.
  • All newcomers must start in the Bronze Division, and after passing the trial period, they will be rated according to their performance. Meanwhile, in the light of the fact that there are a few players who have been contributing and meet our standards, they will be rated instantly.
  • We can conclude from the standards that there are biases towards each indicator. The weights from high to low are external influence → internal influence → persistence → quality → number. However, none of the weights can be completely failed. For example, if the “persistence” of high weight is desirable with the poor “quality”, he will not be selected.
  • Regardless of the Divisions , once you make negative acts such as discrediting NeoWorld or spreading false allegations, you will be instantly disqualified.
  • The Challenger Division is the highest level with the monthly bonus of only 1,000,000 Nash. According to the price, it amounts to only a thousand RMB a month. It is incredibly low. If you have such doubts, please do not apply.

On Rating

To advance the ecosystem development as early as possible, we will implement the rules of “The Committee nominates and votes the contributors” according to the principle of “governing from the rule of the people to the rule of law”. We will make announcements on the division results to community.

On Rating Period

For now, we decide to make divisions on the 22nd of each month, including accepting applications of new contributors.

Our Hope

The Committee is both sincere and fearful in the process of setting the division standards because we learn that human nature has a weakness: Inequality rather than want is the cause of trouble. When there were no rewards, quite a few players did a good job, but now we have divisions and bonus. If it doesn’t work well, some may think that the committee did not recognize their contribution and then it hurts their initiatives. The result is the last we would like to see.

Therefore, we are here to appeal that everyone can be as good as the Committee, and remember the mission in times of benefits. Always keep in mind that all of what we have done is to advance the development of NeoWorld, and only NeoWorld is truly successful can we harvest the fame and fortune.

NeoWorld First Ecosystem Construction Committee

May 21, 2019

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