Release Note (May 25th 2019)

NEST Developer Program (Alpha)

NEST Developer Program targets to normal users who has basic UGC ability, and also professional workshops. Based on different proficiencies, the developer program provides different packages for users to choose (Plan A/B/C)

In this version, the users will be able to upload self-created model, and in next release (scheduled in next week) to manufacture and sale the production in game. In alpha version, we only provide “AlphaTest Package”. In the full version of the developer plan, all 3 packages will be available. The price and rights for different packages are subject to change based on user feedbacks.

The detailed rules are:

1. To Apply
User could go to “NEST Plan” -> “Developer”, to lock NEST to apply developer plan. The details are:

2. To Upload
After the developer plan is activated, the user could upload models at “Account” -> “Developer Program”.

The developer could download the sample files from developer program page, modify it upon your wish, export the specific format and upload. The detailed requirements are listed on the developer page.

The model must be audited after upload. If the audit passed, the model will be added to the game in next update.

Note: The uploaded model, including the ones in audition, will occupy the quota. Once the number of models reaches the quota limit, no more uploads will be allowed. The developer could delete existing models to release the quota.

3. To Manufacture and Sale
The developer could manufacture the product with models which are already in game. To manufacture, the developer need to build “UGC Factory”, and each manufacturing will cost materials and NASH.

There will be a fixed lead time to manufacture. After that the developer could collect the corresponding product from the factory. Note: if the developer delete the model in developer program, the model will not be able to manufacture upon deletion, but the products already produced will not be affected.

The developer could build “UGC Shop” to sell the UGC products.

The “UGC Factory” and “UGC Shop” is not included in current release. They will be in game together with the first batch of UGC models.


1. IOST/NASH pair is not available in RO Exchange
2. The names of all islands permit related are unified to “XX Permit (Y Period)” and “XX Permit (Y Period) Coupon”
3. “Events” Panel is added. Player could check the ongoing and future events.
4. NEST exchange stamp fee adjustment. From May 27th, 2019, the stamp fee of NEST exchange will be changed from fixed 100 NASH to 0.5% of the exchange amount in NASH (minimum 100NASH).
5. “Chong Ai Chain” airdrop

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