Release Note – 1st June 2019

Maintenance Time:

1st June 14:00 – 16:00 UTC +8


Open of UGC Factory / UGC Shop

1. The players could build UGC Factory / UGC Shop on Mainland.
2. Construction of UGC Factory will cost 5,000 NASH. At most ONE UGC Factory is allowed for each player. After construction the player could manufacture the audited model(s) that uploaded by him/herself. Each product will cost 10,000 Timber, 10,000 Stone, 10,000 Steel, 50 hi-tech materials, and 3,000 NASH. Each manufacture will take 8 hours.

In each manufacturing, the player could only start one product line. In the product line, no matter how many products are planned, the manufacture will always take 8 hours. The manufacturing process could be terminated. In that case 50% of the NASH cost will be returned, but no materials will be returned.

The production will be in “Item” type. Items could be traded in UGC Shop. If the item is used, the player who used the item will gain the corresponding avatar. Avatars could not be traded. Please note the costums may with different genders. Only players with corresponding gender could use those items.

3. The construction cost of UGC Shop is 3,000 NASH. At most one UGC shop is allowed for each player. Only UGC products could be sold in UGC Shop.

4. 5 sets of UGC costums are added.

Event: “GALAXY Wallet” Air Drop. 10,000 GC will be distributed.

Event Time:

3rd June 12:00 – 13th June 24:00 (UTC +8)


1. During the event, players could build event building “Galaxy Wallet (GC)”. There are 1000 buildings in total and in first-come-first-serve mode. There are at most one building allowed on each parcel. The building cost is 10,000 NASH. After the event, the building could be destoryed and 95% of the building cost will be returned.
2. During the event, 750 GC will be evenly distributed for each constructed building at 24:00 (UTC +8)
3. During the event, all players could collect GC from “Galaxy Wallet (GC)”. Each building could provide GC for 5 players for each day (0.05 each time). Each collection will cost 1 NE value. The collection time for buildings will be reset on 24:00 each day.

Event: ChongAi Chain Special Award

Event Time:

After Maintenance – 10th June 24:00 (UTC +8)


1. During the event, all the awards from ChongAi Chain are doubled. The total amount of candies distributed each day is 24,000 CA; and the player could get 2 CA for each collection (only 1 NE is consumed)
2. During the event, the owners of “ChongAi CA” building will have a chance to get special gift code provided by ChongAi Chain. Using the gift code in ChongAi official site will gain special awards. The details are at The code will be sent in mail.


1. The time of next depreciation will be displayed for business and production buildings.
2. The overhead icon for community partner is removed.
3. The character will keep running forward if pressing “~” key.

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