Release Note 29th June

Wharf Tax is Now Dynamic

  1. On all islands the wharf tax will be dynamic. The details are:
    1. Wharf tax on the territory = the average trading price of the materials on this territory * 100 * factor.
      1. The average trading price is calculated by taking the successful trades in all material exchanges of the territory. Note:
        • Only the the trades completed by a buying action will be calculated
        • Each high-tech material is consider as 100 normal materials
      2. The factor is calculated by the development value of the territory and consumed throughput. The higher the development value is, the lower the factor is; when the consumed throughput is higher than 90%, the higher the consumed throughput is, the higher the factor is. The factor ranges from 0.5 – 1.
    2. If there is no trading when calculating, there is a default tax rate. The default tax rate is:
      NEOLAND T1 – 0.014 NEO / 100 Throughput
      Eoslambdacom – 0.046 EOS / 100 Throughput
      ONTLAND T1 – 0.2 ONT / 100 Throughput
      IOSTLAND T1 – 26 IOST / 100 Throughput
  2. The owner of the wharf could set the transaction fee (to the owner) when others transport materials. The range on different territories are:
    NEOLAND T1 – 0 ~ 0.004 NEO / 100 Throughput
    Eoslambdacom – 0 ~ 0.01 EOS / 100 Throughput
    ONTLAND T1 – 0 ~ 0.05 ONT / 100 Throughput
    IOSTLAND T1 – 0 ~ 5 IOST / 100 Throughput

Event: Anniversary (Continues)

Event 1: Card Collection (Week 2)
1. The player have a chance to gain Card No. 6 – No. 9 when working;
2. Now Card No. 10 – No. 13, No. 20, No. 21 will not be produced by Anniversary Gift Box, but they could still be exchanged by the appointed card set.
3. Card No. 21 is available for exchange. New quiz will be available when activating the card. Attending the quiz event at wechat official account will have chance to gain anniversary derivative.

Event: Lucky 622

Event Time: 29th June, 00:00 – 5th July, 00:10
Details: The player have a chance to gain a lucky ticket when working. The player will gain lucky point when getting the ticket. There will be a NASH award based on the rank according to accumulated lucky points on a daily base.

Event: Island Free Entrance

Event Time: 29th June, 00:00 – 6th July, 00:00
Details: The player could teleport among the islands without paying the entrance fee.

The Recycling of Anniversary Cakes

1. The Anniversary Cakes could be destructed now. 62.2% of construction cost will be returned to owner, and 37.8% will be in operational pool.
2. During next maintenance, all cakes will be automatically destructed. If the player wants to keep the building, please put it into warehouse before the maintenance. The returned cost will be in bills.


1. The maximum allow opening orders raised from 10 to 50
2. The building
3. Players could pay 10,000 NASH to build CrptoMotors (Building) in private spaces (mainland).
4. Optimized the view of CryptoMotors Race Car
5. Anniversary Avatar Voucher could be used now
6. New UGC Avatars are available

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