NEOLAND Pre-auction


There will be an event of pre-auctions before NEOLAND 2nd Territory opens. During the event, there will be a set of buildings to be auctioned every day. Business building and Production building. The buildings bidden successfully will be automatically put in the owners’ warehouses in NEOLAND 2nd Territory when the island opens.


Building Time
Commercial Buildings 7/15 12:00PM – 7/16 12:00 PM
Manufacture Buildings 7/16 12:00PM – 7/17 12:00 PM
Service Buildings 7/17 12:00PM – 7/18 12:00 PM
Culture Buildings 7/18 12:00PM – 7/19 12:00 PM
Timber Factory 7/19 12:00PM – 7/20 12:00 PM
Stone Factory
Steel Factory
Hi-Tech Factory 7/20 12:00PM – 7/21 12:00 PM

Auction Rules

The auction will be in close bid mode, i.e, the bidding price of other players will not be shown. NRO is the currency in the auction. The final price will be the lowest bid price in all successful bids. In addition, a number of NEO and NEO Right Points need be locked to put a bid. The amount of required NEO is fixed for all types of buildings. For certain types of buildings, the amount of required NEO right points is related to the number of buildings the player already put on bid. The more the buildings that player already bid; the more NEO right points required to put a new bid.

The players who successfully bid any building will receive a confirmation mail. The buildings will be in the warehouse when the island opens.

The players who failed in auction will also receive the notification mail. If there are NRO or NEO to be refunded, they will be in the attachment. If there are NEO right points to be refunded, they will be refunded to player’s account at the same time when the mail is sent.

For this auction need extra NRO, the NEO to lock are half of the default price. After NEOLAND 2nd Territory opens, the building’s default NEO price will be twice of the auction’s price.

At the same time, building’s price would be under new rules that the more buildings are built, the much higher of the buildings’ price. The amount of the buildings in auction would be counted in Territory’s Have Built Amount, so the price of the buildings is more than twice of the auction’s price after NEOLAND 2nd Territory opens.

Auction Base Price

Building Total Amount NEO to lock NEO Right Point to Lock Lowest NRO Price
Commercial Buildings 30 3 Number of Buildings x 5 – 5 2
Manufacture Buildings 30 3 2
Service Buildings 30 3 2
Culture Buildings 30 3 2
Timber Factory 100 0.5 Number of Buildings x 1 1
Stone Factory 100 0.5 1
Steel Factory 100 0.5 1
Hi-Tech Factory 50 2.5 Number of Buildings x 10 5


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