Scheduled Maintenance and Minor Adjustments to NRO Calculation Formula

There will be a scheduled maintenance from 18:30 – 19:30 (UTC+8 Singapore time). For minor adjustments over the calculation of NRO payout.

We note that there is a discrepancy in the understanding of the NRO production calculations, and hereby we make minor adjustments and clarifications:

In calculating the total USDT value of NRO of any day, the land parcel attributes will be added to the production output of the mining machine. For instance, RO-enhanced land will give a Type A NRO factory a boost of 10% of its USDT value of USDT, making it 4000USDT X (100+10%)=4400 USDT. A player will receive an email on the calculation of the NRO payout on the day it is distributed, as an effort to increase the transparency of the game system.

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