Deposit DT to Gain Gift Packs and the Top 30 will Win“Alchemy Factory”

Event Time:

17:00 29th July – 12:00 7th August (UTC +8)

Event Rule:

1.Players can recharge 10DT to gain a Gift Pack.

Gift Pack
DragonLand Permit(Week) x1
Purple Bull Special Drink x3

 *Purple Bull Special Drink is not for sale. 2.At the end of the event, players’ DT deposits will be counted and top 30 will gain rewards.The minimum for ranking participants is 100 DT.

Rank Reward
1 Alchemy Factory x5、DragonEx Medal x1
2-3 Alchemy Factory x3、DragonEx Medal x1
4-10 Alchemy Factory x2、DragonEx Medal x1
11-20 Alchemy Factory x1、DragonEx Medal x1
21-30 Alchemy Factory x1

 3.All awards will be awarded after the DragonLand is opened.

Recharge Link:


1.What is Alchemy Factory?

Alchemy Factory is a special building on DragonLand. It cannot be purchased. It is currently only acquired through events.

Factory Comparison

Attribute Definition Alchemy Factory Normal Factory
Acquisition Condition Free during special events Purchase
Construction Condition  Owns at least one parcel on DragonLand,

Does not require right point

Owns at least one parcel on DragonLand,

Requires DRO right points

Renovation Rule No renovation needed Need to renovate every 10 days
Land Add-on Bonus Applicable Applicable
Daily Production Limit 100 normal materials(or 1 Hi-Tech material) 48 normal materials
Type of Material Produced Owner can choose the type of material produced. The player who “alchemize” will get random type of material. Decided by the type of factory
Productivity Productivity is determined by “alchemize” Produce materials over time
Storage Limit 10-day production 2.5-day production

In general, Alchemy Factory is cheaper, more powerful, more productive, and earn more DT than the Normal Factory.

2.What is DragonLand Permit?

Players traveling between DragonLand and the NeoWorld mainland are required to pay a fee. If players hold the “DragonLand Permit”, They will not have to pay the fee. “DragonLand Permit” is tradable.

3.What is Purple Bull Special Drink?

In the game, “Work”, “Manufacture” and other operations need to consume the player’s happiness value. Players can use the “Purple Bull Special Drink” to recover happiness value.

4.Does the DT purchased by the RO exchange in the game participate in the ranking?


5.What if my recharge amount is the same as everyone else?

If someone’s DT deposit is the same as everyone else, the reward will be awarded in the order of the last transaction time.

If you have any questions, please contact the game service.


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