DT Recharge guide

  1. Log in NeoWorld offical website,Click account to the user center;

  1. Click the Deposit;

  1. Choose the DT,Please don’t choose the Nash;

  1. Please select the address of the Dragon Network account authorization,If you choose the wrong, please log in again;

  1. Click to confirm DragonEx authorization,if you have not logged in DragonEx before,please log in DragonEx,then try it again;

(DragonEx website: https://www.dragonex-io.com)

  1. Choose the same address as before,then choose the quantity to recharge ;

  1. Fill in the transaction password and verification code,then click the ”Confirm” to complete recharge.

If you have any question ,please contact game customer service.

Customer WeChat: NeoWorld007.

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