Delay of Public Launch

Dear Players,

We are delaying the scheduled public launch to a later date, due to a planned adjustments to some of the gameplay.

After a year into operations, we have received a lot of feedback from users and collected relevant operational data for analysis. We have discovered many areas for improvements and after rounds of discussions, we are planning to make a major update in August.

This update will have a long term impact on the future developments and global expansion of NeoWorld. We will make the public launch of NeoWorld after this version stabilizes and intermediary measures will be taken to ensure the interests of existing players.

The guidelines of this update will be announced on this Saturday (3 August) and the implementation is tentatively scheduled to be the last week of August. The public launch is expected to be middle or late September, and the exact time will be decided after the August update.

We are truly sorry for the delay and we seek your understanding and support for helping us making NeoWorld a more competitive and sustainable blockchain virtual world.


The NeoWorld Team

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