Release Note – 3st August 2019

Maintenance Time:

3rd August 14:00 – 16:00 UTC +8

1、NEOLAND 2nd Territory – Parcel Characteristic is Online Now

1)New feature: “Develop” a Parcel

One parcel will be “developed” to gain additional characteristic. The maximum number characteristic a parcel is same as the number of characteristic sockets. The number of sockets depends on the potential of the parcel. S: 5, A: 4, B: 3, C: 2, D: 1.

Currently there are 9 characteristics available. There are 5 levels for each characteristic. The higher the level is, the more powerful the effect is. The details are showed in following table:

When a socket is unlocked, one characteristic will be randomly picked up and filled into the socket. The characteristic could be reset and randomly picked up gain. Depends on the position of the socket, the levels of the possible characteristics will be different. The details are as following:

Note: The characteristic gained by development might be same type as the characteristic that the parcel by default has. In that case the effect will be calculated by adding-up. E.g. by default CBD parcels have 20% add-on for fixed business value of all industries, and if there is one level D commercial center characteristic (5% add-on for commercial fixed business value), the owner will get 25% add-on for commercial business buildings, and 20% for other industries)

The “unlock” and “reset” operations for a parcel will be unlocked based on the development index of the parcel. Each execution of unlock and reset will cost NRO. The details are:

2)There will be a base development index for each type of parcel. The development index will be raised by investing on the parcel. The details are:

3)——New Feature: “Invest” a Parcel

By investing a parcel, the development index of that parcel will be increased. The more fund invested, and the longer investment cycle is, the development index will raise faster. The owner could choose the investment amount (5/50/500 NEO) and investment cycle (10/30/100 days) as the investment strategy. The details are:

When the owner invests on a parcel, 1% of the total investment will be deducted as tax. The investment could be checked in bill interface. The investment could not be cancelled halfway. When the investment is due, the owner could get the fund back immediately from the bill.

The parcel could not be put on sale if it is under investment. The parcel could not be invested if it is already on sale. The parcel on renting could be invested as normal.

2、UGC Function Open Again. Another new UGC clothes release.

3、ACF Coin Building will be in newbie town

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