Explanation on NeoWorld 2.0 and Transitional Measures

Dear NeoWorld Players,

By end of August, we will be having a major update. This update and its subsequent follow-ups will be focusing on the optimization of business buildings, production buildings, land development and continental self-regulations, etc., so as to be ready for the public launch.  The update has been delineated for a long time but the implementation of it was delayed. We understand that this update might have an impact on the game habits and experiences of most players, especially core players holding lands and properties in the continents. Therefore, in addition to making adjustments to the game rules, we have also devoted significant time and resources to design and develop plans to ensure the smooth transfer of assets between the current and new versions. Lastly, we will make a transition period for players to be well informed and make sound decisions about their properties.

The transitional period will have three phases:

1) Disclosure Phase

Time: Early August

During this phase, NeoWorld will make official announcements of the new version, together with the explanations.

2) Demolition Phase

Time: Mid August, to be announced

During this phase, certain buildings (those effected by the new version, to be further announced) will have a week’s time to be demolished and have NASH refunds equivalent to buildings built for 90 days. Players should make a decision on whether to demolish the buildings during this phase, and no further demolition is allowed after this phase.

3) Pre-Update Phase

Time: Late August

During this phase, the construction of certain buildings, upgrades and level-up of buildings will be put to a halt, until the update of the NeoWorld 2.0 version. After the update, the above functions will resume for building types under the new version.

After the update, there will also be remedies for buildings not demolished.


Of all the rules,  the demolition of buildings are the most critical of all. Therefore, we make a pre-announcement here:

1)Existing rules on buildings will be ceased. In the new version, buildings could be reclaimed or demolished, but no NASH refunds will be given.

2)Existing business buildings will be no long in effect. In the new version, there will be new types of business buildings and mechanism converting existing buildings into new buildings. Other buildings types remain unchanged.

3)All buildings will be repriced, with construction cost and operating cost. Construction cost is a one-time cost and operating cost is recurring. For instance, electricity costs will be introduced for building generating business value or material output. Electricity price will be determined by the continents independently, and the electricity fees will be a part of continental income, after deducting tax. The price difference between existing and new buildings will be compensated accordingly. Certain building types will no longer have upgrade and depreciation mechanism.

4)Secondary market of building will be launched in September.

The details on the time of each phase, details of demolition and remedy plan will be announced recently. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. We appreciate all comments and please contact us via our social media channels. Thank you all for supporting NeoWorld!

The NeoWorld Team

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