Details of the Transition Plans before NeoWorld 2.0 Version Update

As NeoWorld 2.0 may have significant amount of fundamental adjustments and optimization, a transition plan is prepared and the detailed timeline is as follows:

Construction Halt Period: from 10th August update to launch of version 2.0

  • Purchasing lands from the system will be put on a halt
  • Construction of buildings will be put on a halt
  • Upgrading and level-up of buildings will be put on a halt
  • Before the demolition period, we will release gradually:
    1. new rules on the business buildings;
    2. new rules on working;
    3. compensation plans for buildings not demolished during the Demolition Period, in order for players to make informed decisions about demolition.

Demolition Period: after 16th August update and until 23rd August update

  • Certain types of buildings will be treated as if it existed for 90-day when calculating the refund of NASH
  • During the Demolition Period, the pollution index does not have an impact
  • After the Demolition Period, the demolition function will be halted until NeoWorld 2.0 is online
  • More details on the demolition period will be announced in the 16th August announcement

Launch of NeoWorld 2.0: 28th August (tentative)

  • All players will receive a compensation package based on the type and amount of his buildings owned.
  • Certain types of buildings will be revamped totally, but remain as decorative buildings (can be demolished but no NASH will be returned).
  • Sale of vacant land from system will be restored.
  • Construction and demolition of buildings will be restored.
  • “Bulk Construction” feature will be available for constructing or demolishing in quantity the same type of buildings, or replacing one type of building with another type in quantity (construction costs will have to be paid).
  • 0 will have four updates with 28th August update being the first one. Details will be further announced before 28th August.

Note: The above transitional plans only apply to the Main Continents and do not apply to Islands of NeoWorld.

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