Vietnam Version of the NeoWorld Guide Has Been Prepared by the Community and Is Now Online!

We are happy to inform you that the Vietnamese version of NeoWorld Guide is online:

The 150-page guide was prepared by two players from the local community, based on the English version of the Guide. The NeoWorld team would like to thank them for the efforts in localizing NeoWorld and a small token of appreciation has been presented. We and the rest of the community will continue to work with the authors in improving and updating this work.

User generated contents are key to our success. Active contribution from the local community is not only a way to market NeoWorld the virtual world, but it is also the fundamental logic that NeoWorld is designed upon.

Vietnam is an important market to the NeoWorld and we see tremendous potential here. We wish to introduce NeoWorld the Virtual World to as many interested players as possible. We will not be able to do so without the local community’s help. We continue to seek support from you and we endeavor to work together with the community to make NeoWorld flourishing and prospering.

The NeoWorld Team

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