1. Beta Period

The first week will be in beta test mode. If we found serious fault, we will take maintenance immediately. There are special rules during beta test:

1) There will be resource plants on all parcels. All players could collect materials from the plants. There is a small chance to get high-tech material in this process. When the resource is collected, the owner of the parcel will automatically receive extra resources. The wish “快马加鞭” will take effect during collection.

2) In first 3 days of opening, there will be event “Dragon Egg War” from 20:00 – 20:30. The players could collect candies from Dragon Egg trees, and put it into the Dragon Egg baskets. The award will be based on the ranking according to the amount of eggs to put. Please refer to the detailed announcement about the event.

2. Introduction


DRAGONLAND is a virtual world by DragonEx. There are 9 territories in total, and consist of 8100 parcels.


DRAGONLAND 1st Territory consists of 900 parcels.

3.The Mining Pool

The initial value of the mining pool is 6000 DT funded by Drago Ex. And add the parcel auction is 3160.36., the total value of the mining pool is 9160.36 DT. The mining pool would release accroding to the development situation of the island.


The materials of DRAGONLAND Territory can be imported from NeoWorld but you need to pay the tax. Players can also build the material factory in the island to produce materials.


DRO (DragonLand Rare Ore) is a token representing the rights and privileges on DRAGONLAND, and it is a source power of the development of island.


1)From NeoWorld to DRAGONLAND

The player on mainland could go to “Holy Grail” (at the newbie town at center of the 3rd continent, at coordination 200,200) to teleport to DRAGONLAND.

2)From DRAGONLAND to NeoWorld

The player could teleport to NeoWorld from DRAGONLAND from the “Teleportation Platform”. Tthe player who is holding “DRAGONLAND Pass Permit” will teleport for free, otherwise DT will be charged.

3. The Parcels on DROGANLAND


There are 30 x 30 parcels in total.


Different type of parcels has different attributes.

Parcel Type Default Feature        Misc
Saint Business Value of all Industries +30%

RO Production +20%

1. Owner could build special buildings with special functions
2. Owner will get special building “Teleportation Platform”
3. Owner will get special building “Monument”
CBD Business Value of all Industries +20% Owner could build special buildings with special functions
RO Enhanced RO Production +10%  
Dock Business Value of all Industries +10% Owner can build wharf and airport
Steel Enhanced Steel Production +30%  
Timber Enhanced Timber Production +30%  
Stone Enhanced Steel Production +30%  
High-Tech Enhanced High-Tech Production +10% Owner will get 2 free hi-tech factories (Delivery to warehouse)
Villa Parcel   With One Villa by default
Ordinary Parcel    

Parcel Potential, Features, Develop and Invest

1)New feature: “Develop” a Parcel

a) One parcel will be “developed” to gain additional characteristic. The maximum number characteristic a parcel is same as the number of characteristic sockets. The number of sockets depends on the potential of the parcel. S: 5, A: 4, B: 3, C: 2, D:

b) Currently there are 9 characteristics available. There are 5 levels for each characteristic. The higher the level is, the more powerful the effect is.

c) When a socket is unlocked, one characteristic will be randomly picked up and filled into the socket. The characteristic could be reset and randomly picked up gain. Depends on the position of the socket, the levels of the possible characteristics will be different.

d) The “unlock” and “reset” operations for a parcel will be unlocked based on the development index of the parcel. Each execution of unlock and reset will cost DRO.

2)There will be a base development index for each type of parcel. The development index will be raised by investing on the parcel.

3)New Feature: “Invest” a Parcel

By investing a parcel, the development index of that parcel will be increased. The more fund invested, and the longer investment cycle is, the development index will raise faster.

When the owner invests on a parcel, 1% of the total investment will be deducted as tax. The investment could be checked in bill interface. The investment could not be cancelled halfway. When the investment is due, the owner could get the fund back immediately from the bill.

The parcel could not be put on sale if it is under investment. The parcel could not be invested if it is already on sale. The parcel on renting could be invested as normal.

4、The DT Mining Pool


The players could mine DT from the mining pool by building and operating the business buildings.

The Release Cycle

7% of the current mining pool will be released for every 7 days, as one release cycle. One release cycle will consist of the increase mining pool value of last 7 days and the total mining pool value of last 7 days. Every part has a release ratio. The former is 30%, and the latter which as the development of the island, the ratio of the total mining pool value will increase.

In the first 7 days, “the increase mining pool value of last 7 days” is 3160.36DT, according to the auction of parcels; “the total mining pool value of last 7 days” is 6000DT which is by DragonEx. The unused part of the quota will be returned to the mining pool.

Returning to Mining Pool

The following will be returned to the mining pool:

Wharf: 95% of the construction cost, 70% of the tax

Business Building: 95% of the construction cost, 70% of the trading price (the trading is not open yet)

Factory: 95% of the construction cost, 70% of the auction price, 95% of the renovation cost

Special Building: 95% of the construction cost, 70% of the tax.

Parcels: 70% of Auction and Sales, 70% of the tax.

DRO factory: 5% of the construction cost.

5、Business Buildings

 Industries and Industry Values

There are four types of business buildings: Manufacture, Commercial, Cultural and Service. Each of the type will get 1/4 of the mining pool. The industrial value of each type of business buildings is different, and the industrial value will affect the development value of the territory and the contribution value of the owner.


1)  Cost DT

Players can use “Building Purchase Panel” to buy business building. The price rules of the buildings are here:

a) The more this building you owned, the more DT Right Point you need to lock to get the next one;

b) The more this building the territory build, the price is higher to get the next one.

When you purchased one, the building will be sent to the warehouse.

2) Cost Materials

The Building will be in “Under Construction” mode when you place the building in the parcels. Certain amount of materials must be put into the building to complete the construction. The materials could be put by the owner or any other player.

Business Value

95% of the daily mining quota will be the pool of industry. Each industry will have 1/4 of the pool. For each industry, the pool will be distributed based on the players’ business value of the day.

Business building will generate Business Value (BV). The owner could collect BV from business buildings. On 24:00 every day, the system will distribute DT based on the collected BV for all players. If the total BV does not exceed the total amount in mining pool, the players will get some DT for each BV. Otherwise, the DT will be distributed to all BVs equally.

There are 2 types of Business Values: Fixed BV and Assist BV. The building will generate fixed BV every hour, and there is a max number of stored BV for each building. If the stored BV hit the limit, the generation will pause until the player collects BV. Other players could “Work” in the building and each “Work” will increase the assist BV of the building. During the distribution of DT, the fixed BV and assist BV take same weight in calculation.

Work Income

5% of the daily mining quota will be pool of assist, and will be distributed based on assist value.

When the player works in other’s building, it will consume “Energy” and “Happiness” and get assist value. If the owner set subsidy, the worker will get extra reward.

The energy will recover by “Relax” in apartment.

The happiness will recover by:

a) “Relax” in apartment;

b) Recover in special buildings in CBD (chargeable);

c) Use items which could recover happiness.

There is a limit for times to work. Every time when some one works in this building, the time will reduce by 1, and corresponding BV will be added in the building.

Level Up

The owner could level up the business buildings. Leveling up will consume materials. After leveling up, the industry value, the increase rate of fixed BV and assiste BV will be improved.

After each successful leveling up, there will be a cooling down time before next leveling up. The player could cool down immediately by paying DT. 

Depreciation and Renovation

The business buildings will deprecate for every 10 days. The depreciation level will be 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, 10% correspondingly. After depreciation, the business value will be lowered down accordingly. Renovation will consume materials based on building level and depreciation level.

Demolition and transfer

Once the building is demolished, only equity points will be returned, and no fees or materials will be returned.

Industrial competition

The function is not opened , please wait for the subsequent update.


price rules

Players can use “Building Purchase Panel” to buy factroy. The price rules of the buildings are here:

a) The more this building you owned, the more DT Right Point you need to lock to get the next one;

b) The more this building the territory build, the price is higher to get the next one.

Production of Materials

The factories will produce materials from time to time. If the factory is built on parcels with enhanced, the production period will be reduced accordingly. The owner need to collect materials before the factory storage limit is hit.

Depreciation and Renovation

The factories will depreciate every 10 days, and the depreciation level will be halved. After depreciation the production rate will be lowered down.

The player can renovate the normal factories with DRO.

The player can renovate the high-tech factories with normal materials.

7、The Wharf


Wharf could be built on “Port” parcels on DRAGONLAND. All players could import materials (owned by the player itself on mainland) to DRAGONLAND.


The wharf could only be built on “Port” parcels.

At most one wharf is allowed on each parcel.

Importing of Materials

Wharf Throughput: The (daily) throughput of a wharf is fixed. The owner could set the personal throughput which could only be used by him/herself (there is an upper limit in ratio and the ratio could be vary in different areas). The remaining throughput will be open to public.

competition rules

Personal Throughput: It is the limit of all the throughput a specific player transport in all wharf of that area in that day. The value depends on the bidding result at 00:00 (UTC +8) everyday.

Consumption of throughput: When the owner transport good at his/her own wharf, if there is remaining personal throughput, the personal throughput will be consumed. At that time, it will not consume the personal throughput of the player. In any other case, the same amount of public throughput of the wharf and personal throughput of the player will be consumed. If any of the above is not enough, the transportation will not be done. The throughput consumption to transport different goods are different: 1 for 1 ordinary material, and 100 for 1 high-tech material.

Recovery of throughput: The private throughput and public throughput will be fully recovered at 00:00, 08:00, 16:00 UTC+8. If the owner changed the private throughput value, it will take effect at next recovery time. The personal throughput will be recalculated once per day. For all types of throughput, the remaining value will be invalidated when next recovery/re-calculation happens.

Importing Cost

When the player import materials, two types of fees will occur:

a)The global tariff (fixed)

b)The transportation fee set by the wharf owner.

The owner could set the transportation fee at the management panel of wharf.

8、DRO Right Point


All players will have DRO right points on DRAGONLAND. It is related to DRO that locked by the player. It will affect the max number of business buildings and factories allowed for the player, and the personal throughput of the wharf.

Obtaining Right Point

Player could lock DRO to obtain right points. The more the DRO is locked, the more right points are obtained. The right points could be released to unlock DRO.

Consumption of Right Point

The construction of business building and factory will consume right points. The building could not be constructed if no enough right points available. The right points will be returned when the building/factory is destructed.

9、DRO Factory


The full name of DRO is DRAGONLAND Rare Ore. It is a rare resources only available on DRAGONLAND, and it is driving factor of DRAGONLAND.

The maximum offering of DRO is 10 million. Each territory of DRAGONLAND have 1 million of quota. When a new territory is opened, the quota is released. For each territory, 95% of the DRO will be produced by DRO factory; 5% will be pre-issued to the operational team for the events.

The player could build DRO factory to produce DRO, or buy DRO from RO Exchange.


DRO factory have 3 types: Type A, Type B and Type C. There are differences in Weight, Size, Price and Renovation Consume.

Type A: Weight is 25, Size is 1/4 of a parcel.

Type B: Weight is 5, Size is 1/9 of a parcel.

Type C: Weight is 1, Size is 1/25 of a parcel.

prices rules

a) The price is related to the DT/USDT in exchange. The price of DRO is higher, the amount of DRO to buy the factory is lower.

b) You need lock DRO Right Point to purchase different DROfactory. The amount of right points are different from different type of DROfactory: Type A is 30, Type B is 20 and Type C is 10.

The building after purchasing would be added to the warehouse in the territory. The 5% of DRO which players buy the DRO Factory will return to the mining pool. And the left would be used to rebuy or activities.

Produce DRO Rules

1) From opening the island, system would get 7% from the mining pool and divided by 7, as the quota of the everyday of the next 7 days.

2) The expected total value of DRO every day to release is the 1% of total value of the DRO Factory of this territory.

3) The amount of DRO each day to release is related with DRO/USDT: The higher price of DRO, the less amount of DRO to release; the lower price of DRO, the more amount of DRO to release. And DRO/USDT will be related with the average price of DRO/NASH, NASH/ETH and ETH/USDT.

4) The expected total value of DRO every day to release divided by DRO/USDT and be compared with the quota to take the smaller value as the amount of DRO to release that day.

5) 24:00(UTC+8), the system will be according to the Weight of every players have in the territory, divided by the total Weight to get the amount of DRO that every player can get.

Depreciation and Renovation

The DRO factory will depreciate every 10 days. The depreciation levels are 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%, 10% correspondingly.



The owner of CBD could build special utility buildings on CBD. The utility building could supply special services to players. The owner could set the service fee.

Building in Current Version

a) Happiness Recovery Building: Players could recover happiness.

b) Material Exchange: Players could exchange materials.

Construction and Use

a) At most one special building could be built on each parcel

b) At most one building could be built for each type, for each player.

c) There is a number of use for the building. The number will recover over time. No one could use the utility if the number is 0.

11、Building Trade

A part of buildings can be in trade after rebacking to the warehouse.

The function is not open right now.


Player could buy a newbie apartment from DRAGONLAND Dream Apartment Community with DT. The apartment is located at the parcel with highest price in auction(14,13).

Player could “Relax” and “Sleep” to recover Happiness and Energy. The player could relax once and sleep once in newbie apartment.

Each house provides a private space. The owner could buy furniture and placed them in the house. The furniture will provide additional comfort level to the house. The higher comfort level will benefit in following way:

a) To recover more happiness when relaxing.

b) To gain higher additional income when the owner collect fixed business value.

c) To get more system subsidy and work value.

13、Private Space

The players could build their only game scene in private space.

To gain a private space, the player need to buy the entry building with DRO, and put it on a parcel owned by the player itself. Then the owner could enter the space to design and configure.

14、Alchemy Factory

1.Alchemy Factory can not be traded, upgraded or destructed; no depreciation but can be recycled.

2.All players can perform “Unstable Alchemy” at Alchemy Factory:

Each time of Alchemy will consume 10 ordinary materials and 10 happiness. The type of materials to alchemize can be chosen by the players themselves. Each player can only alchemize 1 time per day at each Alchemy Factory.

The Alchemy Factory can obtain 10 Stable Energy after each Alchemy. Each Alchemy Factory will reset 10 chances for Alchemy at 00:00 (UTC +8) every day, the chances used up in the day does not recover.

Each time of Alchemy will convert every ordinary material consumed by the player into any ordinary material or high-tech material; and the player will get 10 materials, but the number of each type is variable.

e.g. A player consumed 10 timbers to perform “Unstable Alchemy” at a Alchemy Factory, he may have alchemized 10 timbers into 3 timbers, 3 stones, 3 steels and 1 high-tech material.

3.Owner can perform “Energy Conversion” at Alchemy Factory:

The owner of the Alchemy Factory can convert Stable Energy into a specified type of material. Each conversion of a ordinary material consume 1 energy, each conversion of a high-tech material consume 100 energy.

Each Alchemy Factory can obtain up to 100 Stable Energy per day through Unstable Alchemy. Unconverted energy can be accumulated, but it will not exceed the upper limit of 1000 energy.

The quantity of material is added to the properties of the Material Enhanced land.

e.g. If a owner of the Alchemy Factory which is placed in a Timber Enhanced land consumes 100 energy to convert into timbers, he can actually get 130 timbers, and it doesn’t affect the proportion of conversion when he want to convert into other materials.

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