Continental Lord Temporary Election (Summary)

In view of the NeoWorld2.0 launch, we will be having an election of all continental lords (includingContinent 5, which will be temporary and will be re-elected again after all seven wonders built).



17:00 (UTC+8) From now to 17:00 on 30th August.


Only the wonder owners of that continent.

2Election Process


From 17:00 on 30th August to 17:00 on 2nd September (UTC+8)


The election starts when there are more than 2 candidates.

The election campaign will be conducted in wechat groups and is limited to the top 100 players in terms of VP in that continent.



17:00 on 2nd September (UTC+8) to 17:00 on 4th September (UTC+8)


Limited to the top 100 players in terms of VP in that continent。


1)Voting is VP value-weighted and the candidate with the highest total VP will be elected as the lord.

2)Each voter has only one chance to vote for one candidate.

3)The voting will be conducted in the wechat group.

4)In the event of two candidates with the same total VP, the candidate first reaching the VP value will be elected.

4Public Disclosure

The results will be announced on the 5th September and the new lord will take effect from 6th September.

5The Power of the Lord

1Change continental policies

2Propose continental campaigns

3Research and develop the continental technology

4Research and develop continental specialty material

5Managerial roles against malicious actions

6Distribution of continental rewards

7Other special rights

*Details are subject to changes.

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