Announcement: NeoWorld 2.0 Work Rules Summary


In addition to the building and operation of business buildings in various continents, players can also experience new ways of working in NeoWorld 2.0. Starting as a newcomer with a beginner level of ability, players need to work in various industrial buildings built by other users to gain work experience, contribute to work progress point, and chances to win a variety of materials or equipment. With the growth of experience and skills, the income and efficiency of players’ work will gradually increase. It is also possible to improve performance through equipping various workplace equipment and eventually become a working emperor. 

2、Work Skills

The player will have 5 new types of work skills; they are Collection skills, Commerce Skills, Manufacture Skills, Service Skills, and Culture Skills.

Players can gain work experience, and increase proficiency by working at business buildings. As the proficiency increase, the available skill points will increase accordingly. The skill points can be activated using NASH. The skill points can be allocated to the 5 types of work skills then.

Work skills are similar to attacking figure of avatar in a RPG game. It is the most important base element to determine return of work in the game.

3、Work Progress

For each business building, there is an attribute – Work Progress Point. Each work at the building will increase the work progress point for the business building. When the indicator reached 100%, a grand prize will be given out. All players who contributed to the work progress point are eligible to win the grand prize. The more contribution he made, the higher the chance he can win this grand prize. At the same time, the business building will enter cooldown period, player can’t work at the building then. After the cooldown period, the work progress point will be restored and the business building is open for players to work again.

In order to simplify the process, the Work Progress Point and rewards for the same type of buildings under the same landlord, will be calculated as a lump sum. E.g. If Landlord A has 5 material collection factories, each has 50 Work Progress Points, therefore landlord A’s material collection factories have 250 Work Progress Points. Any player work at any of the 5 material collection factories will contribute to the total Work Progress Point. When the Work Progress Point reached 250, a grand prize will be issued. Such grand prize will be 5 times the prize for a single material collection factory.

The Work Progress Pint can be viewed similar to the blood volume of a monster in RPG game.

4、Work Rules

Each industrial building has “work difficulty” setting; the difficult level is different for different building. As a result, the reward for work at different difficult level is also different. “Work Difficulty” can be viewed as the defense of the monster.

The “Work Progress Point” produced by each work is a random value, ranging from 1 to “corresponding work skill – work difficulty of the building”.

The “Work Progress Point” can be viewed as damage of attack in RPG game. Work experience and random rewards will be given to player for each work action.

In summary, there are three parts of reward for work:

  • Each work with gain Work Experience
  • Each work will have a chance to win random reward, the reward depends on the actual contribution to Work Progress Point, higher the chance to get epic rewards. There is a reward table for each building. Generally, the rewards from higher level buildings are better. Level IV buildings can provide stable assistant business value reward, which is used to get reward from daily mining pool.
  • Once the Work Progress Point is completed, all player contributed to the work progress point will stand a chance to win the grand prize. The probability of winning the prize depends on the contribution he / she made for the Work Progress Point.

Each work will consume energy value; player can’t work if there is not sufficient energy value. It can be recovered in player’s apartment or visit special tourist buildings. There is a short waiting time for each work to be completed. Player can reduce the waiting time by equipping with equipment (refer to section 5) or relevant skills.

5、Work Equipment

Each player has 5 equipment for work. They are Handheld, Cloth, Accessory, Certificate, and Badge. The equipment will have different quality too.

The main purpose of equipment is to increase 5 types of work skills. Some equipment can form set equipment, which give the player extra attributes, or even special buff.

Equipment need to be synthesized by a synthetic system. The required parts and fragments can be obtained by working at different buildings.

This is a summary of NeoWorld 2.0 work rules. More details and parameters will be announcement before the release of NeoWorld 2.0.

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