Open Land Auction Today

NeoWorld X GXChain

Dream Land — GXCLAND

Auction Officially Begin Today

Mining Pool in the Territory is 24000 GXC

900 Plots of Land in the Territory

90 Plots of Land in the Auction

The link of auction

Event Time

August 28th 12:00 am– September 4th 12:00 am(UTC +8)

The details of the parcel types are as following:


Potential Grade Total Number Number in Auction Initial Price in GXC
Saint S 1 1



A 15 1 200
RO Enhanced A 9 3


Timber Enhanced

B 33 3 200
Dock B 59 6


Steel Enhanced

C 66 6 70
Timber Enhanced C 66 6


Stone Enhanced

C 66 6 70
Villa Parcel C 198 18


Ordinary Parcel

D 387 40


The price will depend on the auction/sale price of the same parcel type in history.

The price formula is: Price = average auction/sale price of the same parcel type * factor.

The value of the factor will be announced before the island opening.

The link of auction rules:

Event 1:.Players can recharge 50 GXC to gain a Gift Pack.

Event 2:players’ GXC deposits will be counted and top 30 will gain rewards

Event 3:Players will be rewarded according to the total number of bids.

Event 4:Players will get a chance of draw every time they bid.

Event 5:players who successfully bid and fail to win rewards.

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