Join GXCLand Land Auction to win Permits, GXC and Land discount coupons

Event Time

August 28th 12:00 am– September 4th 12:00 am(UTC +8)


Event 1:Auction to Win GXC

  1. Players will get a chance of draw every time they bid. More bids means more chances of winning.
  2. From August 28th to September 4th , at 12:00 a.m. (UTC+8), one of the bidders will receive the “Daily Lucky Award” worth 50 GXC. A total of 7 players will win the Award.
  3. In order to ensure the fairness and openness of the event, the winners will be determined by HASH calculation of GXC block.

code for calculation:

  1. The winner will be announced every afternoon. GXC will be awarded within 7 working days after the Event.

Note:24 hours from the start of the auction as a round,if there is no bid within 24 hours of each round of auction, it will be regarded as the end of the land auction. If the land auction ends in advance, the subsequent auction time will no longer provide the daily lucky prize.


Event 2:Permits for Bids

1.Players will be rewarded according to the total number of bids.

Bidding Times Award
1 GXCLAND Permit(Day)x1
7 GXCLAND Permit(Week)x1
20 GXCLAND Permit(Month)x1
  1. Each reward is available once. Players can get up to one GXCLAND Permit (Day), one GXCLAND Permit (Week) and one GXCLAND Permit (Month).
  2. Permits will be awarded within 7 working days after the event.


Event 3:GXC Coupon & GXCLAND Discount Coupon

  1. During the event, players who successfully bid and fail to win any land will receive one“GXCLAND 10% Discount Parcel Coupon”and five“1 GXC Coupon”.
  2. Players who hold “GXCLAND 10% Discount Coupon”can purchase a land at 10% off(System purchase only).
  3. Players who hold“1 GXC Coupon”can deduct 1 GXC when they purchase buildings in GXCLAND.
  4. Awards will be awarded before the opening of GXCLAND.

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