NeoWorld 2.0 Update


The current version contains the first batch of updates on NeoWorld 2.0. The major changes are:

  • New rules on building and industries
  • New rules on working
  • Technology Tree
  • New rules on daily mining pool
  • The compensation on demolition

The following features are under development and will be updated gradually.

  • New rules on RO / RO factories
  • New rules on parcels
  • New rules on greening
  • New rules on wonder
  • New rules on ability
  • New system: Equipment
  • Optimization on existing UI

To lower down the immediate impact of upgrading, after the upgrade, the following systems will be temporarily shut down until the next major upgrade.

  • Players could not buy parcels from system for now; but players could buy parcels from another player.
  • RO factory could not be built for now.
  • Wonders and tourist building could not be built for now.
  • The dividend for greening is paused for now. The ROs locked for greening could be unlocked. The new system will be included in next update

Buildings and industries


The core gameplay of NeoWorld 2.0 is based on managing land and buildings. Players construct a variety type of buildings, consume raw materials and electricity, produce semi-process materials and gain business value. 95% of the NASH mining pool will be allocated according to the business values of the buildings.

2、Industrial Chain

There are four business sectors in the game, namely, industrial, commercial, culture and service. Each sector will have four levels, namely, Icollection level, II rough processing level, III fine processing level and IV final product level. The collection level buildings (timber, stone, steel and hi-tech material factories) will be the same for all four business sectors and the buildings of the other three levels will vary for each business sector. Outputs of lower level business buildings will be consumed as inputs for high level buildings. The output of final product level buildings will be business value.

Taking commercial sector as an example, raw materials like timber, stone, steel and hi-tech materials will be produced from the collection level of buildings. In its rough processing level of buildings, rough materials will be produced using a combination of the raw materials. In its fine processing level of buildings, fine materials will be produced using a combination of rough(ly) processed materials. Finally, the final product level of buildings will produce business value by consuming fine processed materials.

The most common industry chain is shown in following figure. There are Raw Material A/B, Subsidiary Material A/B, Major Product and Side Product for each industry. The materials at Collection Level are common in all industries.

3、Conditions of Operating a Business

1)The Building

A player has to own the right type of business building, if he wishes to produce a certain type of products. For instance, timber is only produced when a player owns a timber factor.

All buildings (including all four levels, I collection level, II rough processing level, III fine processing level and IV final product level) will be priced in fixed USDT values and paid in NASH. The amount of NASH to be paid will be pegged reversely to the NASH/USDT price, i.e. the higher the NASH price in the markets, the less a player pays for the construction of a buildings, and vice versa. The NASH price paid by players for constructions will not flow back to the NASH mining pool. Instead, 5% of the NASH price paid will be booked as commissions and the remaining 95% to be burnt periodically.

Buildings in NeoWorld2.0 can be warehoused or demolished (but with no NASH returned) and can be traded in a secondary market between players.


Every production in a business building will consume electricity. The player can buy electricity with NASH. Electricity coupon or NASH coupon could also be used to buy electricity.

Electricity is a resource that for all continents. It is produced by power plants of the continents. Each continent by default will have a power plant, which produces 1/24 of its maximum storage capacity of electricity every hour. The continent lord can use NASH to build more power plants to increase the maximum storage capacity and the power generated per hour. In addition, the technology tree of the continent can be unlocked to increase the quota of power plants on the continents.

Players have to paid a certain amount of electricity cost in NASH for each production. The unit price of electricity is set by the continental lord (in his absence, the default electricity price will apply). 95% of electricity charges will be the continental income and 5% will be the income of NeoWorld. Please note if certain amount of charge is paid by NASH coupon or electricity coupon, it will not be counted as continental income.

After each production, the required amount of electricity will be deducted from the continental electricity storage. If the continent is running short of electricity, buildings on the continent will not be able to produce. The continental lord can adjust the electricity rationing for each business sector on the continent to optimize the electricity supply.

3)Production and Cool Down

For I collection level buildings, only electricity is consumed. For instance, timber is produced with consumption of some electricity. For II, III and IV level buildings, electricity as well as materials outputs from the previous level will be consumed.

When all operating conditions are met, buildings can start production to generate the corresponding output. A cool down period follows after each production. During the cool down period, the building will not be able to produce. When the cool down period ends, the building will resume production. In NeoWorld 2.0, players do not need to operate individual buildings to produce, but rather manage production operations via a production strategy dashboard, to give orders and manage all types of buildings.

In NeoWorld 2.0, buildings will continuously consume resources for production and therefore the depreciation mechanism will be removed and no renovation is needed for buildings.


Specialty Material is special material. A continent can choose to have one or a few specialty materials when it unlocks its technology tree.

Specialty materials are used for specific production lines and provide necessary materials for certain dedicated type of level IV buildings. Such level IV buildings will have higher output of business values and thus have a higher share of the NASH mining pool.

The production of specialty materials may require a few other specialty materials as inputs, therefore increasing the needs of cross-continent transportation of materials.

Take Oil and Silicate as example:

5、Business Value of Buildings

By default, 95% of the NASH daily mining pool will be distributed according to the business value and 5% will be distributed according to the results of working. The portion of NASH to be distributed according to business value will be share equally amongst the four business sectors (with competition mechanism to be introduced in the future). Only the level IV buildings will be able to produce business value.

The level IV buildings of each sector has two types: normal and special. Normal type of IV buildings will only consume normal materials in production and special type of IV buildings consumes specialty materials in production in exchange for an advantage in producing more business value.

In constructing a building, player can choose the star levels. The higher the star level is, the higher the construction cost will be and the larger the land space is required; but the business value produced by a higher level of starred buildings will be more as well.

Note: The attributes of the workers have no bearing on the buildings’ outputs, which only relate to the attributes of the buildings.



Starting as a newcomer with a beginner level of ability, players need to work in various industrial buildings built by other users to gain work experience, contribute to work progress point, and chances to win a variety of materials or equipment. 5% of the daily NASH mining pool will be distributed based on the daily performance of the players. If the daily mining pool is not distributed, it will be returned to mining pool and join the distribution in next year.

2、Working Abilities

The player will have 5 new types of work abilities; they are Collection abilities, Commerce ability , Manufacture ability , Service ability , and Culture ability .

Players can gain work experience, and increase proficiency by working at business buildings. As the proficiency increase, the available ability points will increase accordingly. The ability points can be activated using NASH. The ability points can be allocated to the 5 types of work abilities then.


For each business building, there is an attribute – Work Performance Point. Each work at the building will increase the work performance point for the business building. When the indicator reached 100%, a grand prize will be given out. All players who contributed to the work performance point are eligible to win the grand prize. The more contribution he made, the higher the chance he can win this grand prize. At the same time, the business building will enter cooldown period, player can’t work at the building then. After the cooldown period, the work performance point will be restored and the business building is open for players to work again.

In order to simplify the process, the Work Performance Point and rewards for the same type of buildings under the same landlord, will be calculated as a lump sum.

E.g. If Landlord A has 5 material collection factories, each has 50 Work Performance Points, therefore landlord A’s material collection factories have 250 Work Performance Points. Any player work at any of the 5 material collection factories will contribute to the total Work Progress Point. When the Work Performance Point reached 250, a grand prize will be issued. Such grand prize will be 5 times the prize for a single material collection factory.

4、Work Rules

Each industrial building has “work difficulty” setting; the difficult level is different for different building. As a result, the reward for work at different difficult level is also different.

The “Work Progress Point” produced by each work is a random value, ranging from 1 to “corresponding work skill – work difficulty of the building”.

Work experience and random rewards will be given to player for each work action. In summary, there are three parts of reward for work:

  • Each work with gain Work Experience
  • Each work will have a chance to win random reward, the reward depends on the actual contribution to Work Progress Point, higher the chance to get epic rewards. There is a reward table for each building. Generally, the rewards from higher level buildings are better. Level IV buildings can provide stable assistant business value reward, which is used to get reward from daily mining pool.
  • Once the Work Progress Point is completed, all player contributed to the work progress point will stand a chance to win the grand prize. The probability of winning the prize depends on the contribution he / she made for the Work Progress Point.

Each work will consume energy value; player can’t work if there is not sufficient energy value. It can be recovered in player’s apartment or visit special tourist buildings. There is a short waiting time for each work to be completed. Player can reduce the waiting time by equipping with equipment (refer to section 5) or relevant skills.

5、Adjustment on Ability Points

Player needs Ability Points to activate abilities. The ability points need to be bought with NASH.

Because of the adjustment on working system, the following rules on abilities are adjusted:

  1. The following abilities are cancels:
  • 精英技能(for all industries)
  • 精益求精(for all industries)
  • 灵感迸发(for all industries)

2)The property “Proficiency” is useless now

3)The fund in lucky pool will be used in other systems

4)The following abilities are adjusted:

  • AI Ability:level 1 to unlock “unmanned plane”,level 2 to unlock “Hand of God”  (Others are removed)
  • 专精致志:max  level 5, to reduce advertise time to 5 seconds

We will unlock and reset all abilities of all players and send back the NASH in bill level D. The cost the player spent for elite abilities will be refunded in form of NASH coupons.


The equipment system is not opened in current version

Lord System


In NeoWorld 2.0, the lords of continents could affect the development of the continent significantly by deciding “Research”, “Policy”, and “Infrasture”.


To start a research, continent development index, continental fund and pre-requisite research must be met. When the lord started a research, all players could see the status from “continental research”. The research will take effect from 00:00 (UTC +8) of the third day after researching time and a research cost will be deducted from continental fund. The lord could cancel the search before it takes effect. If the continental fund is not enough for the cost, the research will be cancelled.

There are multiple research departments. Different department could research on different projects.

1) Electricity Research Lab

It could research on projects to raise the max number of power plant could be built, the electricity production rate, and to lower down the cost to build power plant.

2) Specialty Lab

It could research on projects to unlock the specialty, and raise the production rate of corresponding factories.

3) Others

Under development


The player could check the policy at “Continental Policy”. The published policy will take effect at 00:00 next day and could not be withdraw.

New policy options in NeoWorld 2.0:

1) Electricity Price

The lord could set the electricity price (ranged from 5 – 50 NASH). The default price is 5 NASH.


The lord could set the distribution among the 4 levels of industries. The produced electricity will be distributed to the production of all levels of industries. If the power of certain industry is not enough, the buildings will not work. The range of distribution of each level is 5%- 50%, and the sum must be 100%.

3)Policy for Specialty

The lord could do research to unlock the specialties, and to decide the specialty that could be produced by specialty factories. All specialties are categories to A and B categories. One single continent could only choose two specialties in the same category. Changing the polity will have a cooling down time for 1 week. The first time to set the specialty is free and the consequential changes will cost NASH from continental fund.


The continent needs public infrastructure to support development in the future.

In NeoWorld 2.0, continent power plant is opened. There are 1 power plant initially for all continent and building new ones will cost NASH from continent fund.


1、Enhanced Quick Actions

1) The player could Auto Place, Auto Delete, Auto Pick Up, Auto Research on owned parcels.

  • Auto Place: The target parcel must be clean (there is no building on the parcel including collectible resources like trees). The player could use this quick action to put all feasible buildings onto the parcel.
  • Auto Delete: The player could delete all the buildings (which could be removed). Note there will be no refund.
  • Auto Pick Up: The player could put all buildings to warehouse (the building must be able to be put in warehouse)
  • Auto Research: The player could search on all scientific buildings

2) Auto collect is removed. And Auto Renovation will be removed in future version

2、Wonder Wishes

1)“超级明星” will not add popularity value

2)By default the award for each point of “吆五喝六” is 0. The lord will decide the factor, ranged from 0 – 100 NASH

3)By default “Inspire” will not gain any NASH. The lord will decide the award, ranged from 0 – 10 NASH

3、The base price of NASH

To lower down the impact of NASH price changes, when calculating NASH price versus USDT, the value will be the average price on yesterday. It will be same over the same day (UTC +8).

The detailed calculation rule is: on each hour, the price of NASH/ETH and ETH/USDT price at DragonEx will be used to calculate the NASH/USDT price at this hour. The average price of the day is the average value of the 24 values.

In the future, the formula might be updated if NASH is listed on more exchanges. We will announce the updated formula when it happens.

4、NASH Coupon

1) NASH coupon is distributed for the transaction of NeoWorld 1.0 to 2.0. The base fund is from the locked NASH in buildings of 1.0 and the operation pool. There will be no future distribution of NASH coupon.

2) Supported scenario of NASH Coupon

  • Purchase buildings at “Buy Buildings” interface. Note it is NOT “Build Buildings” interface
  • Purchase Ability Points
  • Purchase electricity

3) If NASH coupon is used to purchase buildings, 95% of NASH will also be burnt as well.

5、UI Optimization

6、The NeoWorld Assist mobile app need to re-installed

7、Update on Calculation of Contribution Value and Continental Development Index 

In NeoWorld 2.0, the contribution value will not be related to industry value. Now when a player buy a building at “Buy Buildings” interface, the contribution value will increase, the value will be related to type of building. The continental development index will be the sum of contribution value of this continent for all players. The update time of continental development index is 00:00 (UTC +8)

The other ways to increase contribution value remains unchanged.

Further improvements

NeoWorld 2.0 upgrade is a continuous progress. We will release the features in stages to lower the impact on existing system and reduce the understanding cost for players. In addition, we will listen to players’ feedback, to improve the system gradually. Your feedback is important to us!

All the numbers included in the update are shown in corresponding interfaces. From this announcement, there will be no table for detailed numbers.

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