Release Note (20th September, 2019)

The expected update will be conducted on 14:00 – 18:00 on 20th September 2019.

The Adjustment of RO Factory

In NeoWorld 2.0, players can produce RO weight values through the RO factories. Player share the daily mining pool based on the “RO weight value” of the day.

Specific Rules:

(1)The player purchases the RO factories through the“Buy Buildings – Other Buildings – Common” interface on the corresponding continent.The price of RO factory depends on  the previous day’s NASH/USDT.

(2)The player uses the “produce” interface to consume electricity to produce RO weight value.The electricity consumed by the RO factory comes from an independent power level “RO Collection Level”.

Five levels of electricity will be reset to 20% after this update. The lord can adjust the electricity distribution of the five levels.

(If there is a electricity distribution policy being released during the update period, it will be cancel.)

(3)The production of the RO mining pool will be published daily. Players share the daily mining pool based on the “RO weight value” of the day.

RO weight value produced per day is limited by the individual contribution value of the player. The higher the individual contribution value of the player, the more RO weights that can be produced per day.

Formula:100 individual contribution value = 1 upper limit value of RO weight.

Supplementary explanation:

(1)We will release a new RO recirculation system. Please pay attention to the relevant announcements.

(2)RO factory does not provide contribution value to the owner.

(3)If a player get additional 100 individual contribution value,he can purchase one more RO factory.

(4)The RO factories can be reclaimed to the player’s warehouse. The reclaimed RO factories cannot be produced.

(5)The output of each RO weight value has an upper limit.

The Adjustment of NASH/USDT Price Source

The price source of NASH/USDT in game will be adjusted to the price of NASH/USDT in DragonEx.

Other updates

(1)Compensation for RO factories and large labs

(2)Compensation for R&D Ability

(3)Adjustment of UI

(4)Rare buildings does not provide contribution value provisionally

(5)Moon cake reward in “Manufacture” will be remove

HPBLAND will open after the update.

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