Release Note (29th September, 2019)

The expected update will be conducted on 14:00 – 16:00 on 29th September 2019:

National Day Event

Cheers for China

Time:After 9.29 Update ~ next Update

Rules:When the players are encouraged, it will have special effect.

Continental poker tournament

Time: After 9.29 Update ~ 10.7 24:00


1. Players can go to NPC “Joker” in newbie town of main continent to consume poker to get points. And at the same time you can get Equipment Box, 2019 National Day Badge, different porduct materials and so on. Different pokers can get different points. The more rare the pokers, the more points you can get, and the przie would be better. You can check prize in the game.

2.When you are get points in different continents, you can make the cointnent get points. When the event is over, the continent can get fincial prize; the player would also have ranks on the basis of how much you get points in this continent and the continents’s rank would effect the final prize you get.

1st continent will deliver Lord Rewards; 2nd continent will deliver Diamond Rewards; 3rd continent will deliver Platinum Rewards; 4th continent will deliver Gold Rewards; 5th continent will deliver Silver Rewards.


Equipment Box: Cannot use now; You can get equipment in the future.

Precision Machining Box:You can get  four industrial‘sDeputy and Chief Product * 40

Rough Machining Box: You can get four industrial‘s Raw and Subsidiary materials A/B * 20

Free transport to islands

Time: After 9.29 Update ~ 10.7 24:00

Rules: You can go to islands or back to main continent for free.

Work to get poker

Time: After 9.29 Update ~ 10.7 24:00

Rules: You can get pokers when you are working in main continent or islands.

Treasure hunt poker

Time: After 9.29 Update ~ the next Update

Rules: You can get pokers when you use treasure maps.

Another Fix

1.You can buy UGC Store and UGC factory now.

2.You can use “Max” or “Min” button when you are building.

3.Fix the problem that the investment is not match the development in HPBLAND and DRAGONLAND.

4.Fix the problem that when you produce products by Power Vochers, it did not decrease the power of continent.

5.Fix the problem that Vehicle Factory cannot produce.

6.When reback buildings to your storehouse, there is no note now.

7.Upgrate the Character Panel and Friend Panel.

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