The adjustment of the rules of contribution

Dear player:

According to feedback from community users, the event “Daily Contribution to win prize” has a loophole in which a small number of users use the land transaction function to obtain the increase in contribution value at a low cost. This is not fair to the players who purchase the building to increase the contribution value, and does not meet the original design intention of the event.

After a comprehensive comparison and consideration of various solutions, we decided to adjust the calculation rules of the contribution values. From now until the next update period, the contribution for land transaction not changes. For players who have land transactions during this period, the corresponding changes in the contribution value of the mainland will be acquired at the next update.

The “Daily Contribution to win prize” list data is subject to our rule loopholes, and players also pay NASH costs, so they will not be processed.

Another friendly reminder: “Daily Contribution to win prize” can view real-time ranking data in the in-game activity interface, and settle at 00:00(UTC+8) every day. As of 00:00 on October 7th(UTC+8), there are seven issues in total, and everyone is welcome to participate actively.

NeoWorld team
September 30, 2019

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