Third Quarter of 2019 RO Destruction Report

Dear players:

According to the adjustment of the mainland rare ore,the NeoWorld team conducted third quarter Wonder charging ROs destruction.

Now, RO destruction has been completed in the third quarter, and the NeoWorld team has released the destruction record to ensure that all destruction operations are open and transparent.

1.RO destruction time:At 0: 20 on October 1st

2.RO destruction amount:

The destruction amount is 204403.89 RO , charging ROs amount as follows:

RO Kind Third Quarter Total Destruction
ROA 20499.12
ROB 39254.23
ROC 47556.94
ROD 44112.80
ROE 52980.80

ROs Calculated according to the price of the in-game RO exchange, the total destruction value is about 5151 USDT.

  1. RO destroy smart contracts

The above RO destruction operations have been performed through smart contracts, details are as follows:






RO destruction rule(2019.9.20):

1.ROs consumed to charge wonders will be destroyed first. The total quantity of ROs destroyed per natural year does not exceed 1 million. If it does, 70% of the excess will be returned to the mining pool, 20% to the Treasure Map Pool and 10% to the Operating Activities Pool.

2.The rules above apply until the total quantity of destroyed ROs reaches 5,000,000. After that, 70% of the ROs consumed to charge wonders will be returned to the mining pool, 20% to the Treasure Map Pool and 10% to the Operating Activities Pool.

3.In the first week of each quarter, the total quantity of ROs destroyed in the previous quarter will be announced and publicly processed through smart contracts.

The RO destruction data for the first quarter and second quarter of 2019:

RO Kind First Quarter

Total Destruction

Second Quarter Total Destruction Half a year

Total Destruction

ROA 57529.1 40864.96 98394.06
ROB 83453.5 79397.96 162851.46
ROC 91664.5 88944.99 180609.49
ROD 98094.6 81792.52 179887.12
ROE 42397.9 66750.55 109148.45

In addition to the number of ROs destroyed by the mainland in the first quarter and the second quarter of 2019, the ROs of all continents did not exceed the destruction limit of 1 million. So, All Continents Wonder charging ROs were destroyed.

Thank you for your continuous support to NeoWorld and wish you having a good time.


NeoWorld Team

Octorber 1,2019

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