NeoWorld sub-brand CryptoIsland with whitepaper officially released

Since the launch of NeoWorld island system, it has been recognized and supported by lots of blockchain companies. Islands such as NEOLAND, EOSLAND, ONTLAND, IOSTLAND, DRAGONLAND, and HPBLAND have also been launched. These islands not only provide a platform for interaction and display for the public blockchain and the exchange, but also create an effective application scenario for them. At present, most of these islands are one of the best dapp in their ecological applications. At the same time, we know that there are many details of the island system that need to be improved. The team continues to receive feedback and advice from users and continually optimizes the island system.

In the past week, the blockchain industry has undergone positive changes. We believe that quality blockchain projects will develop better and more users will enter. Neoworld island system will be an influential application in blockchain industry.

Today, CryptoIsland is officially launched. It is an improved platform product on existing island systems.

CryptoIsland is a sub-brand of the NeoWorld virtual world and a product of the combination of NeoWorld token economy and blockchain industry. CryptoIsland is a coalition of islands. Each island is the entry for cryptocurrency users to enter NeoWorld.

CryptoIsland is determined to open up the PC, Mobile, and VR terminals. Users create content through the PC, daily operations through the Mobile, and immersive experience through VR. The upcoming H5 version will significantly reduce user entry barriers and enhance propagation effects.

CryptoIsland will bring an innovative product to the industry. It provides four application scenarios such as Mining, Payment, Staking, and Exchange for a specific blockchain token. The integration of all tokens will create a visual digital economy platform.

Under the CryptoIsland system, more islands with popular token will be opened, including but not limited to TRXLAND, LTCLAND, ETHLAND, OKBLAND, HTLAND and more. The island of faith – BTCLAND is also planned.

Based on the original rules of the island system, CryptoIsland has made a lot of optimizations and improvements. Users can refer to the CryptoIsland whitepaper for more detailed information. The new rules system is called Island 3.0. All new islands in future will be open based on the Island 3.0 rules.

CryptoIsland whitepaper link:

Currently, the islands in operation will temporarily use the old rules. The rules will be upgraded to rule 3.0 in late November. Changes in island rules involve reform and compensation programs which will be announced two weeks in advance. EOSLAND, ONTLAND, IOSTLAND are based on islands running under the 1.0 rule, so the RO rules are facing major adjustments. For the 1st territory of these islands, the existing RO is mapped to the scheme of the new RO in a certain proportion. The new territory will be opened based on 3.0 rules. We do not recommend users to try extreme opportunistic practice.

The official website of CryptoIsland will be launched in near future and a series of publicity work will be carried out.

NeoWorld team

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