Total turnover ranking to win GRO and GXCLAND Pass

Event rule

During the land auction,the total turnover of the player’s land auction is counted and ranked(Based on the actual land taken). After the auction, the top ten players will get the corresponding rewards.

Event time

November 6th 2019 12:00 am-November 13rd 2019 12:00 am

Event reward

Ranking Reward
1 GXCLAND Pass(month)*5,GRO*35
2~3 GXCLAND Pass(month)*3,GRO*16
4~6 GXCLAND Pass(month)*2,GRO*7
7~10 GXCLAND Pass(month)*1,GRO*3

The reward will be distributed to the game by mail within 7 working days after the event ends. Please check it out!

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1.What is GRO,what’s the effect?

GRO is called GXCLAND Rare Ore, which is the equity certificate of virtual world GXCLAND based on GXChain. GXCLAND users can produce GRO by building a GRO collection plant, GRO is the driving force behind GXCLAND’s economic development, whether or not holding GRO will affect the user’s rights and interests in the virtual world.

2.What is the role of the GXCLAND Pass?

Players need to pay a handling fee between the GXCLAND and the NeoWorld mainland. If they hold the “GXCLAND Pass”, they can make unlimited free round trips during the validity period. The “GXCLAND Pass” is tradable.

3.Is the multiple bid for a piece of land counted in the ranking during the land auction?

The final ranking is based on the total amount of land actually taken by the players, and multiple bids are not included in the total bid.

4.How to determine the ranking if the total amount of bidding with other players is the same?

If the total amount of the auction is the same, then determine the ranking according to the order in which the player finally took the land.

The final interpretation of this event belongs to NeoWorld.

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