GXCLAND land auction open today,total turnover ranking to win prize!

GXCLAND is a multiplayer virtual world in collaboration with GXChain and NeoWorld, rich gameplay, beautiful picture. The first district of GXCLAND consists of 900 blocks, and all land auctions have the same starting price. Land is a necessary condition for building on the island. You can earn rich GXC by creating value and making content on the land. The initial mine pool is 240,000 GXC, the initial pool in the first district is 24000GXC. The land auction was opened today, and 96 of the land were auctioned. Participate in the auction now to win GRO and GXCLAND Pass!

Land auction time

November 6th 2019 12:00 am-November 13th 2019 12:00 am

Land auction link


Auction notice

1.The land participating in this auction is the most central 10×10 and 96 land after the removal of the common land. The starting price of each land is unified to 15GXC.

2.Each land is bundled with a land fund, and 30% of the land auction price or system price will automatically enter the land fund. Each time the land is traded between users, 5% of the transaction price will also enter the land fund.

3.Each land starts from the fourth bid, and each 10% of the price increase (minimum 0.1GXC, precision 1 decimal) will enter the land grant fund.

4.Only NeoWorld registered users can participate in the land auction in the first district of GXCLAND, GXCLAND’s exclusive new user registration link is: https://www.neoworld.io/account/signup?invite_channel=GXC

5.The user needs to charge the GXC to the recharge address of the official website user center, and then transfer the GXC to the auction system through the “transfer to GXC” function in the auction center. During the auction process, the user can perform multiple transfer and transfer operations with certain cooling. Time, this operation will not incur any cost.

6.After the auction is over, the balances in all auction systems will be automatically transferred back to the account.


In order to assist this GXCLAND land auction, we have launched the GXCLAND land turnover ranking event. At the end of the event, the top ten players in the total land turnover will receive the GRO and GXCLAND Pass (month) redemption voucher.

Ranking Reward
1 GXCLAND Pass(month)*5,GRO*35
2~3 GXCLAND Pass(month)*3,GRO*16
4~6 GXCLAND Pass(month)*2,GRO*7
7~10 GXCLAND Pass(month)*1,GRO*3

The reward will be distributed to the game by mail within 7 working days after the event ends. Please check it out!

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