GXCLAND Land Auction Beginner’s Guide

Hello everybody! GXCLAND land auction has opened today, please follow me to learn how beginner participate in the GXCLAND land auction, let’s go!

First step: Register an account

Open the link below, fill in the appropriate information to complete the registration. If you are a foreigner, please select email registration.


Second step: Deposit GXC

Open the link below after registration: https://www.neoworld.io/account/login

, you can log in to the official website. Then open the second link: https://www.neoworld.io/assets/billing_gxc, you can enter the deposit center of the official website. Your GXC deposit address and MEMO will be displayed on the web page. You can deposit GXC to above address from crypto exchange, to gain equivalent GXC in game.

Third step: Transfer to GXC

Open the land auction link below, find option for GXC Assets Managment. Click to enter, choose direction and GXC quantity, click confirm to complete transfer.


Fourth step: Participate in the auction

After successful transfer, you can join the land auction of GXCLAND. Choose a piece of land in the auction, enter the bid price and click confirm to participate in the auction.

The above is a detailed step for a beginner to participate in the GXCLAND land auction, have you learnt that? If you want to learn more rules about the land auction of GXCLAND, please click the link: http://blog.neoworld.io/?p=2873&lang=en

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