NeoWorld Biweekly Progress Report(2019.10.28-2019.11.10)

1.Product Developments and Research Progress

NeoWorld was updated on November 1st to optimize the work system.

NeoWorld released the new sub-brand CryptoIslands on November 2nd and announced its first edition of the white paper.

NeoWorld released the GXCLAND auction rules on November 4th. The land auction used a new gameplay.

NeoWorld was updated on November 9th, adding scaled income, Work Activity and Work Rank, optimizing the miracle desire and production interface.

Recent research and development focus:

  • Functional development of the island HTML5 version.
  • Design and production of the CryptoIslands’official website.
  • Island RO pre-sale activity revised development.

2. Business Development and Marketing Activities

1) On October 29th, affected by other business activities of the project side, in order to protect the interests of users as much as possible, NeoWorld reset the previous auction data of GXCLAND and returned all GXCs participating in the auction.

2) On November 5th, NeoWorld team cooperated with the TRON to promote the next phase of cooperation between the two parties.

3) On November 5th, for the new auction of GXCLAND, NeoWorld launched the total turnover ranking event, and the top ten in the ranking of transactions will win GRO.

4) On November 5th, NeoWorld team participated in an entrepreneurial gathering in Accelerating Aisa, RSK, and AWS in Singapore. NeoWorld team discussed the possibility of cooperation with Accelerating Asia and the RSK team.

5) On November 6th, GXCLAND’s new land auction was officially opened. The event was widely publicized in the WeChat public platform of Gongxinbao, Block City and other partners channel, and is still in progress.

6) On November 7th, NeoWorld team participated in the unbounded blockchain meeting and communicated with 8BTC, Wicc, Cocos, Zg, Nervos, Mx and other parties to communicate further cooperation.

7) On November 8th, NeoWorld team communicated with the Bithumb Global Korea team. The two sides discussed the next step of in-depth cooperation and put relevant cooperation content on the agenda.

8) On November 9th, NeoWorld launched the second term event of “ask community” in the WeChat public platform account, and asked the community to collect the new gameplay suggestions from the island. It is still in progress.

3. Community Developments

Till 2019.11.11, NeoWorld’s social media channels’data are as follows (excluding non-official channel data):

Chinese Community:

  • Weibo: 125(↑1)
  • Bihu: 1551(↓6)
  • WeChat public platform account: 15346(↑118)
  • Knowledge planet: 1193(↑68)

English Community:

  • Twitter:524(↓22)
  • Telegram:1696(↓33)
  • Medium:97 (↑0)
  • Facebook:1116(↓5)
  • Discord:156(↑1)

Last two weeks, NeoWorld made several important announcements:

4.Ask NeoWorld

We invite all community members to ask questions about our recent developments announced above and any question related to NeoWorld in general. We will select not more than 10 questions to answer and choose the best question from the list.

Period for Asking Questions:

From now to 18:00 of 13th November.

10,000 NASH will be rewarded for selected questions and additional 50,000 NASH for the best question of the week. The rewards will be distributed from the UGC mining pool and will be announced to the community in the future.

Question Format:

  • Game ID: xxxxxx
  • My Question: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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