The Adjustment of Work Activity

During the event, the reward of Work Activity will be adjusted:

Event time

November 11th – November 13th

Basic Reward

20 Work Exp (up from 10 Work Exp)

Random Reward

  • a.20 Work Exp (up from 10 Work Exp)
  • b. 40 Work Exp (up from 20 Work Exp)
  • c. Work Activity Medal*1 & Purple Bull Special Drink*1
  • d. Work Activity Medal*2 & Hi-Tech Material*10
  • e. Work Activity Medal*3 & Energy Drink*1 (recover 10 energy value)

Super Reward

Motorcycle Coupon*1 & Work Activity Core*1 & work points for each of four industries*2,500


The KPI requirement of super reward: 30,000 points (down from 100,000 points)

NeoWorld Team


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