The Adjustment of Work Activity

The “Work Activity” November 11th special event ended last night. Today we will make the following adjustments to the rewards, as follows:

1.Basic Reward

10 Work Exp

2.Random Reward

  •  10 Work Exp
  • b.  20 Work Exp
  • c.  Work Activity Medal*1
  • d.  Work Activity Medal*2
  • e.  Work Activity Medal*3
  • f.  Hi-Tech Material*1
  • g.  Hi-Tech Material*5
  • h.  Hi-Tech Material*10

3.Super Reward

Energy Drink*10 & Work Activity Core*1 & work points for each of four industries*2,500


The KPI requirement of super reward: 30,000 points

These adjustments will take effect from the 12 o’clock event on November 14th. We will inform you in the form of announcements after the other adjustments. Please let the players know each other and wish everyone enjoy game.

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