Lock NEST Win GRO Subscription Qualification

1.Players can lock NEST of Game Account through “Event” interface in the game. Eligible players can apply for rounds of lotteries to win the GRO subscription.

2.The total amount of subscription per round (total of 3 rounds) is 100 GROs. The subscription amount per person per round is constant 5 GROs. Subscription price: 1 GRO = 5000 NASH. Players who have successfully applied will be temporarily deduct the corresponding NASH.

3.NEST lock function will be turned off at 19:00 on November 21. The results of the lotteries will be notified by System Mail at 19:30 on November 21. Please receive GROs and the returned NASH by System Mail in the game.

4.In addition, Top 50 of locking NEST can participate in Panic Buying event at 20:30 on November 21. The total amount that can be purchased is 100 GROs. The maximum amount of personal purchase is 5 GROs. Purchase price: 1 GRO = 5000 NASH.

5.If there are GROs remaining in the lotteries, these GROs could be purchased in Panic Buying event.

6.NEST can only be locked and cannot be unlocked during the events. The locked NEST will be returned by System Mail after the events.

7.To ensure the stability of the function, the GRO/NASH exchange pair will be opened after the GXCLAND is opened.

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