Looking for “Business Experts” to Share GXC Prize Pool & GRO Rewards

Event Time

From November 22, 18:00 to November 29, 18:00

Event Rule

1.During the event, the player’s personal contribution value added by GXCLAND business buildings will be recorded.

Recorded value:

  • a.Purchase business buildings
  • b.Performs “produce” actions through business buildings

2.From November 23 to November 28 at 18:00 every day, the ranking top 10 will receive GRO awards.

Ranking Awards
1 GRO*10
2 GRO*8
3 GRO*5
4-5 GRO*2
6-10 GRO*1

3.20% of the total sales of business buildings during the event (not return to local mining pool) will enter Event Prize Pool. The ranking of cumulative contribution value is until 18:00 on November 29, and the top 10 players will share Event Prize Pool.

Ranking Proportion
1 50%
2 25%
3 10%
4-5 equally divide up 10%
6-10 equally divide up 5%

4.If the individual contribution values of the players in the ranking are the same, they are sorted in chronological order.

5.Players will receive GRO rewards within working days by system mail. The final ranking award will be awarded by system mail within 7 working days after the event.


The amount deducted for the purchase of business buildings using the “1 GXC Coupon” is not included in the Event Prize Pool.

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