NeoWorld Biweekly Progress Report(2019.11.11-2019.11.24)

1.Product Developments and Research Progress

1)On 11 Nov, NeoWorld hotfix adjusted the rewards of “Work Activity” for 11.11 carnival rewards.

2)On 14 Nov, NeoWorld hotfix adjusted the rewards of “Work Activity” for normal rewards.

3)On 15 Nov, NeoWorld scheduled maintenance optimized the UI for part of activities.

4)On 22 Nov, NeoWorld scheduled maintenance launched the GXCLAND 1st territory and updated the island Version 3.0.

5)Recently development efforts will be focusing on:

  • Development of the CryptoIslands H5 version
  • Continuous optimization of CryptoIslands PC version

2. Business Development and Marketing Activities

1) On 13 Nov, The land auction of the GXCLAND co-launched by NeoWorld and GXC ended. All 96 plots were successfully traded and the total bid amount reached 8692GXC.

2) On 19 Nov, AMA live event of GXCLAND was held. As of November 25, 586 people participated in the event.

3) On 21 Nov, In order to celebrate the opening of the GXCLAND 1st territory, the event of “First Day Development Value prediction” be held and the community members participated actively.

4) On 22 Nov, NeoWorld held “Business Experts” event which is still ongoing.

5) On 22 Nov, NeoWorld held GXCLAND User Generated Content event. Users who post GXCLAND related Contents will have chances to win rewards and are still in progress.

6) On 24 Nov, NeoWorld launched the 3rd round “Ask Community” on the WeChat public platform account

3. Community Developments

1)Till 2019.11.25, NeoWorld’s social media channels’ data are as follows:

Chinese Community:

  • Weibo: 125(↑0)
  • Bihu: 1558(↑7)
  • WeChat public platform account: 15897(↑551)
  • Knowledge planet: 1289(↑96)

English Community:

  • Twitter:514(↓10)
  • Telegram:1662(↓34)
  • Medium:100 (↑3)
  • Facebook:1111(↓5)
  • Discord:155(↓1)

2)Last week, NeoWorld made several important announcements:

3)Ecological Developments:

The registration of NeoWorld’s 2nd ecological committee was launched on November 10 and officially completed on November 19.

NeoWorld ecological committee launched beginner guidance program for GXCLAND.

4. Ask NeoWorld

We invite all community members to ask questions about our recent developments announced above and any question related to NeoWorld in general. We will select not more than 10 questions to answer and choose the best question from the list.

Period for Asking Questions:

From now to 18:00 of 27 Nov.

Question Rewards:

10,000 NASH will be rewarded for selected questions and additional 50,000 NASH for the best question of the week. The rewards will be distributed from the UGC mining pool and will be announced to the community in the future.

Question Format:

  • Game ID: xxxxxx
  • My Question: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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