Release Note (27th November, 2019)

The expected update will be conducted on 16:00 – 17:00 on 27th November 2019:

1.Island Job Center

The “Island Job Center” will be updated to public areas of GXCLAND. The building will provide 100,000 KPI. When the 100,000 PKI is reached, it will be reset in 1 minute. Players spend 1 energy value and 20 happiness each time they work in the building. Players will get a small amount of experience and a chance to get Junior Work Equipment Fragment or Junior Work Badge Fragment.

Players can choose to work in Island Job Center to avoid wasting energy value.

2.KPI adjustments for buildings

The KPI of Buisness Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Service Buildings and Bultural Buildings in GXCLAND will be adjusted to 1,000. The performance award will be improved.

The KPI of old buildings will be adjusted to 1000 after a new CD.


The tips and interface of “RO Collect” in GXCLAND will be adjusted.

The interface of “Island Material Exchange” in GXCLAND will be adjusted.

The tips of “Purchase Building ” in GXCLAND will be adjusted.

NeoWorld Team


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