Release Note (6th December, 2019)

The expected update will be conducted on 16:00 – 18:00 on 6th December 2019:
Account status
After this update, the rules for account status will be adjusted:
1.Registration Status
Players who have registered an account and have not passed KYC are Registration Status.
status restriction:
1) Cannot withdraw
2) Cannot “Award”
3) Cannot use RO Exchange
4) Cannot use Exchange Center(Private and public)
5) Cannot use Hypermarket(Private and public)
6) Cannot use Personal shop
2.Free Status
Players who have passed KYC are Free Status and they unlock all features of the game.
*Players who have passed KYC but are trial status will be adjusted to free status after this update.
3.Permanent Resident
The conditions for becoming a permanent resident are adjusted:
1) The account is in Free State;
2) Own land in corresponding area.
*At present, Permanent Resident is only available in GXCLAND 1 territory.
4.Novice Village
The buildings of Novice Village in NeoWorld continents will be replaced with new buildings. The new buildings will provide a large number of work opportunities with less reward. All players can “work” in Novice Village.
Area Investment
Players can perform “investment” operations in GXCLAND through the statistics panel. Players can perform “investment” actions in GXCLAND through the statics interface.
After this update, four industries can be invested. The investment needs to consume GRO, GXC(USDT pricing), and different levels of “opportunity chip”.
95% of the investment consumption of GXC will back to the regional pool.
Players with higher investment level will get extra turnover value each time they perform “produce” operations. Low – level opportunity chip can be synthesized into high – level opportunity chip.
Each time the player performs a “Produce” operation, he will have a chance to get the opportunity chip which can be traded.
NeoWorld Team

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