Release Note (20th December, 2019)

The expected update will be conducted on 16:00 – 18:00 on 20th December 2019:

Work Equipment

1.Work Equipment Classification

Region: Mainland/Island

Place: Hand Held/Clothing/Certificate/Ornament/Badge

Rare level: Primary(Probation)/Intermediate(Experienced)/Senior(Elite)/


Equipment Effect: Collection(Miner)/Commercial(Counselor)/Industrial(Mechanic)/Service(Butler)/Cultural(Lecturer)

*There are no Collection equipments in Island.

2.Work equipment obtained through any ways is unbound. Unbound equipment can be  bound in the backpack or be traded with other players through hypermarket.

Each player can only bound one piece of the same equipment. Bound equipment can be viewed, worn or changed through the character interface.

3.Work equipment has its own single-piece effect and suit effect. After the player wears a specified amount of equipment with same suit(no place requirements), he will get the suit effect.

Single-piece/ Suit Effect:

  • The increase of the KPI for per work.
  • The reduce of happiness value consumed for per work.
  • Additional work experience for per work.
  • The reduce of cool down time for per work.
  • The reduce of advertisement time for per work.
  • The probability that per work does not consume energy value.
  • Additional performance for per work.

*The equipment effects are only valid for the corresponding region and industry. Island equipment is only valid for the buildings of Island Version 3.0.

Equipment Synthesize

1.Players can synthesize work equipment through the “Equipment Synthesize” interface. They can view the work equipment in corresponding region (mainland or island).

2.In addition to primary work equipment, equipment Synthesizing needs pre-conditions of “Certain Bound Equipment”. After the conditions are met, players can consume equipment fragments, badge fragments, materials, and token (USDT pricing) in the corresponding region for synthesis.

3.Higher rarity equipment have a lower chance of being synthesized. Every time the synthesis fails, the lucky value of the equipment increases by 1. When the luck value is full, the next synthesis must be successful and empty the luck value of the equipment.

4.The consumption of token will be used as the operating pool income of mainland and island respectively. When the synthesis fails, the consumed items and token are not refundable.


1.Work equipment will be added to mainland hypermarkets and GXCLAND hypermarkets.

2.Fragment synthesis of equipment fragment and Work badge fragment will be added after the update. 10 fragments can be synthesized into rarer fragments.

3.Equipment Box(Gold/Silver/Copper) will be available. After the Equipment Box is opened, players have a chance to get work equipment fragments or a work equipment.

4.The minimum value of the price set for the GXCLAND hypermarkets will be adjusted from 0.1GXC to 0.0001GXC.

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